The John Trigg Ester Library

JTEL Board of Directors Meeting 8.11.2010


Roll Call

Minutes from July 14 board meeting

Officers' Reports

Presentation: revised site plan, building design (Prouty & Pohl)

Opportunity for Public Comments

Old Business:

  • state Designated Legislative Grant for FY 2011
  • draft of nonprofit application: review & questions
  • thank-you letters, donor database & thank-yous, FTVRR letter

Opportunity for Public Comments

New Business:

  • procurement policy
  • liability insurance
  • gazebo policy
  • new board members

Opportunity for Public Comments


  • next library lecture: September?
  • LiBerry Music Festival (updates) (Huebert, Musick)
  • Readers on the Run
  • annual meeting

Next meeting: September 8, 2010

Board Meeting Minutes

Call to order: 7:10

Attendance: Nancy Burnham, Eric Glos (proxy), Melinda Harris, Deirdre Helfferich, Monique Musick

Guests: Scott Allen, Meritt Helfferich, Bob Huebert, Gary Pohl, Matt Prouty, Trey Simmons

Minutes: Adopt from July 14, 2010 meeting

Make sure that the person who makes a motion gets documented

Nancy: move to adopt

Melinda: Second

Unanimous adoption


President’s Report

New blog

  • Sent invitations to board, sans Eric (no e-mail), Board is invited to contribute
  • What do we do? How? Post to it every now and then
  • People organizing events: post it
  • New titles, movies: post it
  • Interact with the public
  • Deirdre does not want to be the only one posting to the blog
  • Inform membership what is going on at library: Put out calls for work parties
  • Make the websites more static- the blog more fluid and up to date
  • Blog lists events and other information
  • Library websites are blogs in many cases
  • Another means of providing service to the public, Another way of reaching our public
  • More detail on a blog than Facebook
  • More convenient than Web- any computer can log in
  • Interact once a week or more

Facebook up to 232 fans

Vice President

Absent excused

Treasurer’s Report

  • Sent out financial report
  • New account with Denali Federal Credit Union- new signers Deirdre & Nancy
  • Transferred money $5,000 for ECA land payment
  • Income $275
  • 3 reimbursements- office expenses & gazebo supplies
  • Total $5645.67 checks out
  • Balance $12,262.22 savings
  • Checking $368.63
  • Keep $500 in checking at all times

Secretary’s Report

Thank yous to Guttenberg and Thomas sent

Public comments:

Bob Huebert:

Not a cohesive experience for browsing Websites. Integrate into single Web presence. RSS feeds into website. Willing to assist with figuring out how. Too many different entities


Hard to find on Facebook: Li-Berry vs. LiBerry on Facebook. Deirdre does a lot of it but needs help. Put “Find us on Facebook” on posters- but had trouble doing it myself

Presentation: revised site plan, building design

Matt Prouty and Gary Pohl, USKH

  • New design plans
  • One point of control- as per Tripplehorn’s suggestions
  • Rich Seifert’s information on glass and shading- summer and winter
  • 7’ sunscreen on south windows
  • Integrates higher stacks and library ladder
  • Topographic challenges:
    • Orient due south-especially considering future addition
    • Right now it’s oriented 15% south-southeast
  • Picked up efficiencies by removing staircase
  • Moved jut-out to front instead of back
  • Do we need both a mens’ and womens’ room? Future expansion yes- keep fixtures out of one now and use for storage
  • Septic will involve land clearing
  • Slant is designed for optimal solar angle
  • Typical roof-wall relationships-- mitigate big problem areas
  • Provides summertime shading
  • Utilizing typical annual solar data
  • From parking standpoint it makes sense to face due south
  • Easier parking at right angle to road
  • Rotating design probably makes sense
  • Still need to drop in “real” topography data
  • The bump out?
  • No private meeting space- have Hartung hall for that. Exams- private space is important space. Proctoring is not paid for, can we afford to build for it? Put in header with folding screen (turn front window area into private space). Storage space double-duty for exam room?
  • Extend building to Southwest corner?
  • Future expansion to East
  • Book capacity 13,692
  • Green is the “buzz” word for federal money, Green elements help us with grants, Justifies masonry & passive design expenses

Monique: move to adopt design

Melinda: second

ACTION: Unanimous

  • Prepare for Fire Marshall- good conversation with him. Modify per his input if desired. He’s on our side
  • $2000 to USKH for services
  • Revise to remove ECA reference and mention Deirdre by title

Nancy: move to adopt USKH contract as amended

Monique: Second

ACTION: Unanimous

Created a project tracking database: People-project-tasks. So we know who is doing what and when. Keep track of contact information. Make that available via Google docs


State designated Legislative grant

  • Had questions: contact, official grant person
  • Named Deirdre in letter, Makes sense as Library President. Someone else could take that role on
  • Nancy: what is status?
  • Need to provide project description: scope of work, description, timeline, Will review with board
  • Created full project timeline & budget narrative
  • Estimate of $10,000 site design from Stutzman Engineering; Redesign $2,000 Electrical? Engineering? Septic? Don’t know costs; Electric pole $2,000; Driveway materials and building pad: Roger Moore will give discount per yard; Dan Givens- Stone Castle Masrony $24,000 masonry heater; Project Management $7,500; Electrical design $5,000: Total looks like $37,500 for preliminary engineering & design
  • Plug in numbers from construction, No more disclosures than necessary, Explain how we will be using the specific funds
  • Decision making- what numbers get included: Makes sense to only provide those numbers that are relevant
  • Deadline: June 30, 2011
  • Get this in as soon as possible

Nonprofit application:

Worked one on one with Nancy and Deirdre. Financials and Narrative- two key parts gathered

Need to do final formatting

Need to make appointments with other folks on their sections

Send full application out for review

Deirdre- comments back from Merritt on narrative: Important remark: under fundraising- mention Friends of Ester Library, Delete mention of future Foundation, Too many strings

Thank you letters-

  • Sent to Guttenberg and Thomas sent
  • Revised TVRR letter- signed by Monique
  • Others being worked


Draft procurement policy- Meritt

Read and review- comments next time

Liability insurance-

need to get it soon. Eric isn’t here with quotes and info

Gazebo policy

Usage policy- do we need rental terms? What kind of use policy do we need?

Set up a calendar schedule. For now make sure we post any events early. Nancy will be a contact for gazebo

New board members

Facebook note- board job descriptions. Lots of people tagged, Was kind of confusing. Let them know why they were tagged, Explain that an election is coming

Board member resigning, 3 positions opening up, Need two alternates, Pro-tem alternates

Annual meeting in October- election

Bob Hubert- willing to fill in until October election

Potential schedule conflict for Melinda- Wednesday night class


Library lecture:

Contact Jamie and book him for late September

LiBerry Music Festival

  • Pie judge- some interested in auctioning position
  • Ads in newspaper- great deal
  • Posters, handbills
  • Facebook event
  • Facebook page
  • Webpage
  • Word of mouth
  • What’s up with Lost Dog? Do we try to replace them or end the Hartung earlier?

Readers on the Run

Second Sunday of October

Organizer in past Ed Rouleau- Nancy will contact him; Find someone else if not, Possibly Geoff Orth

Annual meeting-

Sunday October 24, 2010


library dog







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