The John Trigg Ester Library

JTEL Board of Directors Meeting 9.8.2010


Roll Call

Minutes from August 11 board meeting

Officers' Reports

Presentation: revised site plan, building design (Prouty & Pohl)

Opportunity for Public Comments

Old Business:

  • LiBerry wrapup/report
  • state Designated Legislative Grant status
  • nonprofit application: status and review
  • Stutzmann and Mölders recognition
  • procurement policy
  • collections policy
  • liability insurance quotes
  • new board members

Opportunity for Public Comments

New Business:

  • community revenue sharing: application assignment
  • other grants
  • construction 2010
  • debit card, merchant account
  • dedicated server
  • library office

Opportunity for Public Comments


Next meeting: October 13, 2010


Roll call: Nancy Burnham, Eric Glos, Melinda Harris, Deirdre Helfferich, Bob Huebert, Monique Musick

Guests: Scott Allen, Hans Mölders, Gary Pohl, Trey Simmons

Nancy: Move to accept minutes

Eric: second

ACTION: unanimous


President’s Report

  • 240 Facebook fans
  • 39 Readers on the Run
  • Notebooks organized
  • Blue binder: incorporation, minutes, policies, insurance, tax estimate, plus ECA minutes
  • White binder: Construction: plans, contracts with USKA, Ulysses computing
  • Design binder: historic design documents
  • Fundraiser book: by year and fundraiser, how to’s, publicity, news stories
  • Membership/Volunteering: lectures, volunteer info, membership lists and info

Timeline of events and deadlines

Panic mode!

  • Sep 23 Jamie Smith library lecture
  • October: freeze-up
  • October 9: Readers on the Run
  • October 13: annual meeting
  • November board meeting
  • November 16: NEH planning and implementation grants
  • December: deadline for submission to FNSB for community rev share next year. also, deadline for legislative grant request, driveway permit expires.
  • December 8 board meeting
  • January: Red Dress Party
  • Feb/March Lallapalooza
  • June 30: Designated Legislative Grant expires

Websites expired, Deirdre renewed for 5 years, Has been reimbursed

Dotster is our domain registrar. Ken Woods, formerly held domain. Asking to transfer to a board member. Domains can be registered to the organization. Bob will help with that.

Vice President

Liability insurance quote; involved complex forms. Did not have all the information, Should be simpler now. Had no idea how involved it would be. Now that we know what we want, we can go farther, easier. No direct quotes with the narrower scope- yet.


  • GVEA will not run power off Main Street, Don’t want to cross other property
  • Will have to cross Village Road, uphill from post office, Have plenty of room there for the power pole, Anywhere from bluff back up the road, 150 ft. of leeway
  • Don’t want to interfere with septic
  • Location will depend on building location too
    • Main street access not an option
  • Could dig a hole in a day and have a power pole in
  • 200 amps
  • Increase cost
  • Put up equipment on pole, then raise. Do not necessarily have to hookup then
  • Approval process: Inspection
  • Payment starts with hook-up, not use
  • Hans: Should we do dirt work first?
  • Power pole should be off to edge anyway, Don’t see a conflict
  • Eric: set on Village road?
  • Yes, too bad. Over 150 ft. from Main St. anyway
  • We clear 4 ft. swath, Shouldn’t be much of an issue, Dying willow etc.Eric would have no problem setting it in
  • Price? GVEA don’t give out specific numbers, Might exceed $2000. Need to price out pole, service, conduit, guylines, meters etc. Need hard numbers for State Grant contract. Right now they are looking for ballpark figures in the overview. Our end, hardware, is our thing to price out. GVEA’s numbers are less solid
  • Confirmed power pole set up with Gary Pohl for site design, Avoiding septic system. Could avoid parking lot by going above
  • It does not to be in this year, money ends June 30, 2011

Treasurer’s Report

Deposits $3052.52

  • LiBerry $3493.02
  • Lallapalooza, $100


ECA checks, taxes, reimbursements: $598



$293 Gulliver’s credit

John Lyle $25 check to Deirdre

Owe $4400 on land, Can pay off after October meeting: their fiscal year. Treasurer. ECA Annual meeting is one week before our annual meeting. Can write the check as soon as given the OK

Secretary's Report

Thank yous from LiBerry in coming week

Order generic library postcards

Still need to meet with Greta or Deirdre for 1023- history section

Gary Pohl

Have not merged design with topography, Need final site plan

Brought BIG new plans

E-mail meeting minutes to Pohl to remind of the little things (headers, etc)

Site plan vs. Stutzman plan

  • Is Stutzman needed for putting in a rough driveway?
  • Architect, would like to do the conceptual site design before the engineers get involved
  • Then work with Jeff
  • Driveway can go in during the interim between “pretty” and “technical” plans

Driveway permit: asphalt 15 ft.– is that required? Not a state road, so there may be different rules

Scott Rimer is Ester road commissioner, also Carol Hoeffler, John Gamble. Scott knows what is required

Need to locate other driveway documents with the requirements

Deirdre spoke to borough person

Current driveway is pretty close to permitted driveway, Same footprint as before, just a few tweaks

Next meeting, October 13. Everything can be done before then. Would prefer this month to begin before freeze. Scott will do driveway, also waiting instructions from us

Site plan is rather critical. Need to get Stutzman in contract, set up sit down with USKA and them

Melinda: no comparison on cost- is it a good deal?

Eric: it is a really good deal, Shouldn’t bother second-guessing

Eric: move to accept Stutzman’s contract offer

Nancy: second

ACTION: approved unanimous

Deirdre will secure the contract

Public Comments

Trey: You are great! Appreciate the work we do


LiBerry wrap-up report- it's online!

  • Overall it went well
  • Nancy didn’t get the wrap-up e-mail. Notes from meeting with Melinda, Bob and Monique, Deirdre’s indepth report
  • Some “surprises”- we want to avoid next year
  • In general we accomplished our mission, Raised money, No big expenses: hall and advertisements- and volunteer time
  • Post library stuff- nice article on pie in Republic
  • Somebody should blog- Monique’s redemption (from missing Republic deadline), Will also post Melinda’s pie story
  • Good time had by all
  • Post even publicity is good too
  • The musical recordings are being produced. Deirdre working on CD covers. Want to send to all the bands. 15 copies- Dateline? Full color cardstock
  • Need contact info for bands for song titles. Nancy can print card stock off her printer- cheaper
  • Need to pickup postage supplies
  • Copyright issues right now, not sure if we can sell them. Needs worked out, working with Mel on that aspect. Some music we may not be able to reproduce. A lot of original and a lot of public domain. Need band permission. Better to do beforehand than after

State Designated Legislative Grant status

  • Got it July 1. Letter to them has been reviewed and edited. Submit any changes by tomorrow- it's going out
  • Build in cushion by inflating numbers now

Non profit application:

  • Try to get it out before annual meeting
  • Reviewable by next meeting
  • In review at annual meeting
  • Opportunity for input

Stutzman and Molders- recognition letters


  • Procurement policy from Merritt. Not exactly in practice right now, this is a draft. State says don’t have to use state policy, Gives up an opportunity to develop our own policies. Applies to grants and other stuff, Keeps things fair and clear, Not required by law or bylaws
  • Collections policy: Eric picked up some collections policies from Juneau, Being worked on by Deirdre

New board members

  • Need to solicit them? Roy has an interest in it. Recruit people for the election
  • Put board member duties description on website
  • Aversion to the Eagle for meetings; smoke & sound. Hartung for year-round meetings
  • 3 positions and two alternates, Officers staying on
  • Melinda not doing class, no conflict anymore- still not sure
  • Staggering the positions. Could there be too much interruption in the flow of officers down the line? Perhaps it would be better to stagger
  • Deirdre has the institutional memory. We are so new- need to maintain for now. A case for this year, not all future ones



  • Community revenue sharing application- December deadline. Cover letter- introduce ourselves to Cathy Dodge. Why we should be on the rev share list. Consideration for consideration. Deirdre will share the information
  • NEH grant- Monique will investigate
  • Staff grant- is there a place for a collections development web position? It is basically an outside staff position- depends on definition. Seems more of a formal thing than we are ready for
  • Need to research construction grants, Look for ones that could help, Use them to construct building, Find out what the application windows are. Some only go through state library association. Invitational grants
  • A lot we don’t qualify for until we are 501(c)(3)- or at least have the application in, One reason we are pressing finishing the application process
  • The “roach letter” nothing more than a few sentences on a small legal form finding out if we are eligible or appropriate for a grant, Send them out everywhere. Letter is best- most personal
  • Follow up with Senate grant- 2011 earmark
  • Get the 1023 application in
  • Is the state legislative grant process also underway? Do we want to apply again? Yes. Deirdre will do that again

Construction 2010: Site plan for driveway, power and septic

Debit card/merchant account

  • No credit cards for now.
  • Debit card for our account? Specifically for online purchases, supplies etc. Do we want it to be too handy? Maximum amount beyond which we need board approval ($50). Debit card might not be appropriate. Skips purchase order process, Tracking nightmare. Pin activated, Transfer from person to person
  • Nevermind

Dedicated server-

  • need more than one- internal and external. Right now we have outside hosting. Web hosting external good for now, cheap easy. Plan for it in the IT design
  • Grant possibility

Library office

  • Everything is scattered. Rent hall for meetings, No central location, Need an administrative office.
  • Frank’s upstairs would be ideal, Especially if the rent is cheap.
  • Would the board be willing to pay for it? Nancy: first inclination is we can’t afford it
  • Appeal is the central location for things, computing etc.
  • No one can access Deirdre of Monique’s computers which hold records
  • Would be worth it for cheap. Currently renting library for $50. Could we offer $100 for the whole building? all depends on Frank.
  • Heating costs will go up with the upstairs being heated too. Fuel is expensive
  • Propose $50 for the upstairs and see what happens. Eric will talk to Frank


Library lecture: Jamie Smith

  • He is bringing equipment- Thursday 7 pm October 9
  • Hans will heat building and get hall ready
  • Goodies and drinks, Nancy

Readers on the Run

  • Sat Oct. 9
  • Ed Rouleau is race organizer
  • Jeff Rogers/boy scouts picking up prizes
  • Poetry contest judge?
  • Monique will be digitizing the poetry- will assist the judging
  • “Celebrity” judge- Frank Soos? John Haines?
  • Spending approval for t-shirts and marketing
  • $179 on t-shirts, printing about $160
  • Last year 30 runners
  • Fliers- cheaper zerox-
  • Runners get sponsors
  • Runners North
  • Checklist and timeline for the event- do it for others

Monique: Move we appropriate up to $600 for Readers on the Run

Eric: second

ACTION: approved unanimously

Annual meeting

  • Nonprofit for review
  • Elect officers
  • Bylaw change- remove debt reference
  • Notice needs to be up in time (not less than 10 days)
  • Aim for first week in October

Eric: 9:05 motion to adjourn

Bob: second


Next Meeting: October 13, 2010

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