The John Trigg Ester Library

JTEL Board of Directors Meeting 7.14.2010


Roll Call

Minutes from June 9 board meeting
Minutes from June 13 special membership meeting

Officers' Reports

Old Business:

  • revised site plan, building design (Prouty)
  • land purchase
  • draft of nonprofit application: review & questions
  • thank-you letters, donor database, TVRRM letter

Public Comments

New Business:

  • work sessions for board?
  • land site-clearing and preparation for dirtwork
  • dirtwork, driveway
  • state grant (status, strings)
  • community revenue sharing: application/listing
  • Rasmuson Foundation capital grant application

Public Comments


Next meeting: August 11, 2010

Board meeting 7/14/2010

Call to order: 7:12

Attendance: Greta Burkart, Nancy Burnham, Eric Glos, Melinda Harris, Deirdre Helfferich, Monique Musick, Margaret Rogers

Guests: Meritt Helfferich, Bob Huebert, Susan Willsrud

Minutes: Read from June 9, 2010 meeting

MOVE: Accept minutes

ACTION: Approved


President’s Report:

Information on grant via Joe Davis Hardenbrook

  • Award letter mailed out June 28- anyone seen it yet? e-mailed copy to board
  • Will receive the state money directly, no pass through
  • Local builders want to help- we want them
  • If we have a procurement policy: follow it. State has model procurement policy. We should have a procurement policy: Merritt Helfferich will send us a draft
  • Work in progress- as we spend money figure out what is best
  • Grant effective July 1- spend by June 30, 2011
  • Need to sign grant contract
  • Sign administrative form

Stats: 221 Facebook, 129 LiBerry Music Festival fans

New blog:

  • Wordpress blog-
  • What should we do to interact with blog?Post event information
  • Send password info so we can all post

Spoke with Borough staff re: community revenue share program. Need to get in the pipeline by December 30 . Need: identify community, cover letter, brief proposal. Borough can choose not to award the money any given year. Concerned that they have not received reports from communities who got grants: Should have them in before June 30

Gary Pohl: definition of construction- standards will change this fall. Construction= foundation or preparation of foundation. State will need one report

No Malemute for LiBerry

Sent out a Mass. handbook for library trustees-

Vice President’s Report

Insurance- wondering how far to go on our liability coverage. Price relates to size of “umbrella” we have.

Discussed getting power to the property with Brian McNeil. Something to spend the money on. Buy your pole, get your meter, GVEA hooks you in.

Best location would be by Hoener property, down east side of corner lot and fix by corner of the L on the land

For a few thousand we could get power- problem pay minimum monthly $20

Underground is expensive- limited price–benefit – plus it’s not like we have a view

Quick and easy with the transformer right there

Treasurer's Report

  • Deposit $145
  • $2,500 transfer from savings to checking
  • Wrote $2,000 to ECA
  • $17,266.31
  • $814.30
  • Minus $300 for 6 month's rent
  • One vs. two land payments to ECA- moved to new business
  • Account name still has ECA as primary
  • Need a new signer card- Deirdre signed

Secretary's Report

Review minutes before meeting so we only revise and approve


Revised site plan, building design

  • Happy with one story
  • If we need rental space build cabin
  • If it is 30-40 percent savings maybe it’s worth it
  • Plan for an addition in the utilities design
  • Originally designed with the ability to add extension

Land purchase

  • Is payment on land income or repayment?
  • Wish to pay off now- but not if it puts a burden on the ECA. Seems easier to get money if we own the ground. 55 percent ownership- do we get title?

MOTION: Table payment until we discover ECA’s status

ACTION: Approved

Non-profit application

  • Conceptual discussion
  • Susan has history and background
  • NOLO Press- guide to the 1023
  • Keep it as simple as possible, Keep it general enough to be flexible. Narrative is the heart of the application. Let them know it fits- keep it simple. Anything that could limit your future developments should be omitted. Educational outreach vs. specifics like lecture series. Not necessary to legitimize ourselves with so many details. Shouldn’t have any problem- a library is a valid non-profit
  • Tedious process- lots of waiting- do get to work with a person eventually
  • Think of the application like a resume.
  • Monique will meet with each person to enter and complete their section. Make times to meet when finished with your part(s)

Thank you letters/donor database/TVRRM letter

  • Thomas & Guttenberg- thank yous waiting on stamps
  • Phone calls instead of letters- especially for small donations
  • Donor database, looking for addresses
  • No value on desserts
  • We should have a few of us volunteer to help with Northern Environmental Center auction and pick up ideas
  • Volunteer log- “giftworks” donor database- has a volunteer log too
  • Categorize by events too
  • De-brief and write up immediately after any event


Work sessions- start with 1023 section by section

Land site-clearing and preparation for dirt work- need our site plan

  • State grant
  • Have folks in town that can work on log clearing. Insurance first before we get work parties.

Scott will do our driveway free of charge; we need to pay for culvert, tailings

  • Parking lot
  • Power pole and electricity
  • Electrical and mechanical design
  • Prep for foundation
  • Foundation next spring?

Tracking grant funds via accounting not a separate new account

  • Community revenue sharing-
  • Officers will be the signers
  • Need copy of application from Guttenberg office
  • Will be dealt with by executive committee

Rasmuson Foundation capital grant application-

  • Recommend getting involved with the Foraker Group: Have great resources and guidance. Teach workshops- is it worth the money? Get specific consultation/review vs. $15000class. Find out what their services are. Become a member


  • Library lecture- September ?Who? What?
  • Gazebo construction party 31st–1st at noon. Prep for LiBerry. Pre-make cork board
  • LiBerry Music Festival: Saturday Aug 21: Eagle, Hartung, Gazebo. 2:00pm pie entry. Music set-up, Drum circle. Ad in the Latitude.

MOTION: $200 advertising budget

ACTION: Approved

AMENDMENT: Up to $400 for all media

Prizes- Melinda; Emcee- Mali; Donation jars- Amy. Schedules-Information kiosk- Deirdre

Adjourn: 9:28

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