The John Trigg Ester Library

JTEL Board of Directors Meeting 6/9/2010

Call to order: 7:12

Roll Call: Nancy Burnham, Greta Burkart, Deirdre Helfferich, Monique Musick, Margaret Rogers

Guests: Bob Huebert, Matt Prouty

Minutes read from May 12 board meeting

MOVE: Accept minutes
ACTION: Approved


President’s Report:

  • Stats: 210 Facebook fans; Web visits increasing: 51 per day July 2009, 88 per day in May 2010 (1,597 visits in July 2009, 2,740 visits in May 2010)
  • Blog: Wordpress has lots of spam: Shift to blogger?
  • 1,094 JTEL titles entered into library database (263 in Calypso Resource Library)

Treasurer’s Report:

  • $114 donations deposit
  • $100 check to ECA
  • Savings $19,602.89
  • $314.30 checking

Secretary’s Report:

  • Minutes out in a more timely fashion
  • Worked on 1023 form
  • Thank-you letters drafted, cards purchased
  • Still need to do the TVRRM letter
  • Need to work on how to present the shelf dedication to Hans and Jeff Martt and Stutzmann Engineering
  • Need thank yous to Guttenberg and Thomas

NEW BUSINESS (note: agenda rearranged to accomodate guests)

Library Site and Design (Prouty)

Response from Fire Marshall:

  • one error: occupancy load. Very little he’s concerned with. Need to re-submit changes in design. Fire alarm system looks OK

Change design to single storey:

  • 225 additional square footage. Might free up stack space; Good design possibilities. Did all possible with one hour of prep. Harkens back to original concept, Works well with site. Opens up prow space for high book shelves—with ladder, mini-balcony.

Quick overview of design opportunities:

  • Model will be worked out in another week; Lots of wood and new wall space; Haven’t touched cost saving estimate
  • Reduced height = reduced foundation, Cheaper masonry heater, Less glazing, Reduced sheeting and siding, No lift ($20,000 savings), No staircases, Perhaps 30–40 percent cost reduction
  • Corrugated siding option


  • Fort Yukon project- in conjunction with CCHRC, Remote wall funded through grants. Jack Hebert- reducing materials & shipping for wall section, Sensors in wall. If this takes off it will be basis of new building style. Foam and concrete have similar costs. On crawl space, no slab. This method eliminates need for slab. Wall, foundation structure/materials in one. Testing if remote wall is appropriate.
  • Way too expensive, way extreme: community concerns re. library design. Building for the future: the Ester of tomorrow. The prow could be added back in, but not necessary, adds cost. Million dollar building? Cost benefit energy-materials-new design- old standard.
  • It needs to fit in to Ester. People are really concerned about the cost of building. Local builders would like to help and create something simpler. Becomes dependent on bookkeeping. Some aspects funded through public money (cheap local labor). Davis Bacon required work will be done from grant money. In spirit- don’t lock people out and encourage competition. Volunteer effort locked out?
  • No need for gypsum board overall- plywood cheap OK with FM. How to reduce costs and keep things local. Recycled and found materials
  • Ft Yukon federal funding and timeline predicated some local initiatives. Had some great ideas but couldn’t do it. If we have time we can use more innovative processes and materials. But it is a commitment- a lot of work. Such as cordwood masonry. Skin and wall construction options are infinite.
  • Passive systems: operating effort is great; The more passive the design the more active the operating effort. You have to participate- can’t just set it and leave. Smaller building design will have lower heating costs.
  • Definition of construction for Fire Marshall? Not certain yet
  • Why not green roof? Maintenance requirements
  • Log- big logs are a rarity. Small diameter log- design can still lead to efficiency
  • What is Alaskan? Ad hoc
  • Spirit of the renderings is recycled materials. Cold storage building by Barnett being torn down- possible to salvage corrugated . Ask them for it--why not? Gary has some contact information. Whoever has demolition contract probably has rights to materials
  • How much could be saved with fewer windows? Windows in cost estimate 3-pane. Compensate for heat loss with pull down night-time coverings. Conversations with Rich Seifert- heating needs are same windows or not; it is the heat loss you have to deal with- and overheating in March & October. The 15 degree angle is for the extra solar gain in the morning. Reduced windows so the place won’t overheat, Use passive solar gain as much as possible- mitigate losses in winter.
  • Most resources and texts stop at the 58th parallel. Not much info on northern latitudes.
  • Delicate balance: Looking for cost reductions, Re-evaluate the cost estimate. Davis Bacon labor is a big one. Can we bid and procure? Owner-build delivery. Be selective on where funds go- who gets what. Competitive bids on federally mandated things. Can bid in pieces- Davis Bacon what we must- local what we needn’t
  • Prouty will call brother for info on Davis Bacon
  • 2800 square foot building: Is that large enough to warrant a second look from the unions?
  • Books require heavy shelves- metal refurbished estimate
  • Get a revised cost estimate
  • The number one cost savings is super insulation: R40 walls R60 roof
  • How do we get an operating expense estimate?
  • Three different systems- backups etc. Masonry heater- estimates with and without. Expectation of heating minimum- keeps baseline helps other systems

Just received $50,000 from State. Spend it or lose it? That’s how the Feds roll

Civil design? Ready to progress with culvert, driveway, excavation, clearing. The road is on our property- what kind of set-backs do we use?

Gazebo construction 2010

Need to set up work project, Find out what’s up with money

Raffle license

Dave Stone asked us, would like to donate for a raffle

Gaming license- affects 1023 application, Not going to benefit us right now

Pick Click Give

no cash flow requirements; it is percentage of grant vs. private. Must be 501(c)(3) for at least one year. Also pass-through it has some strings look to it in the future. Have application and FAQ


Lallapalooza thank you- (nothing to report)


Business Plan- NTR

Collections development policy: Deirdre is in the process of reducing Adasiak’s plan

Non-profit application

  • made good progress
  • Schedule G- coming from a former organization
  • Arrangements with ECA - sign contract
  • Past present future arrangements- assets

MOTION: Pay ECA the $2000 land payment that make up for missed payments
ACTION: Approved

  • Deirdre will make arrangements, Deirdre will come up with contract
  • Greta- history draft
  • Nancy- financials section done
  • Public charity section- Schedule H
  • Get it done by July meeting

Alaska legislative appropriation

we got it! $50,000

Thanked Sen. Thomas

Were there strings? When do we get it? What do we do?

Should have the info before Sunday

Margaret- experience with State: Money goes to borough- we get pass-through, Borough takes a piece

US Senate appropriation

no news

Fire Marshall Review

Mo found document about Fed construction grant- great info sent to everyone


Special meeting of members, June 13, Sunday, 6 pm

  • Bylaws
  • Readers digest version of reports
  • Bring snacks
  • Library forms

June Lecture Series

is really July- find someone

LiBerry Music Festival

August 21

  • Lost Dog String Band
  • Facebook group growing
  • Ba’ Cuntry Bruthers
  • Steve Brown & Bailers

Locations- Eagle, Hartung, Gazebo maybe Malemute? Laura Williams (Winther’s daughter) will volunteer bartending at Malemute. Make it easy as possible. Would recommend just Eagle and Malemute if possible- three too many. Some people want smoke-free others want dance floor. Investigate further

Adjourned 9:05

Next meeting: July 14, 2010

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