The John Trigg Ester Library

JTEL Board of Directors Meeting 5/12/2010

Call to Order: 7:15 pm

Roll Call: Greta Burkart, Eric Glos, Melinda Harris, Deirdre Helfferich, Monique Musick, Margaret Rogers

Minutes: Read from April 14 meeting

MOTION: Accept minutes
ACTION: Approved


President’s Report:

  • Website: new updates, updated friends of library site
  • Up to 201 Facebook fans
  • e-mail list for library has 63 members
  • Library blog- added events and new titles, news and announcements. E-mailed blog access to board
  • Created e-mail list for Board:
  • Asked Merideth Cameron if we need to advocate for library funding: YES. Solicited support via e-mail and facebook- provided links with info. Parnell interested in job creation projects as a criteria. Prouty spoke up for us in session; a few people replied saying they’ve sent in support. If you haven’t written please do. Checking on status daily- no news.
  • Library lecture- delayed, low turn-out, Hans gave library tour. No May lecture. Need to expand lecture series: Cris Lott- “copyleft” open source for intellectual property. Suggestions for topics welcome. Lecture Series info and contact, More help gathering lectures
  • Topographic survey- Hans and Jeff Martt- for FREE. Stutzman Engineering and Survey donated equipment and time
  • Fire Marshall- $1775.14 fee for fire marshall review, Additional fee for fire alarm equipment; Approval can happen about a month after submission, Good for 6 months to start to build; Another 6 month extension possible before having to re-file. Once submitted we are committed
  • Collection development policy- based on Paul Adasiak’s Master’s project- underway, Will adapt to JTEL’s- incorporate Gulliver’s etc.
  • Deridre working on database, Developing form letter for donations and thank yous

Vice President’s Report:

  • Not here last meeting; One new quote in e-mail, Still gathering more. Businesses are reluctant because they don’t know who we are, Wasn’t ready with all info.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • $87.76 deposited - $50 from Lallapalooza – $27.76 donations – $10 memberships.
  • $100 to ECA $25 hall
  • Savings $19602.89
  • Checking $325.30
  • Gullivers $293.35

Secretary’s Report:

  • Started 1023 Application for non-profit. Sounds like we need a fact sheet for cold calls of all sorts- will do!


Topographic survey:

  • Village road is on our property. Great detail on land-topography. 6.5 hours creating this, Must-have for site design. Finish floor elevation. Going to compare site plan to topo map - tweak to make it work
  • 24’ to permafrost - mostly tailings. Scrape down, fill, typar etc. for driveway. Want paved, maybe D-1, for driveway. We need a culvert
  • Counts as an owner-supplied survey. Law requires site survey not topo- this is for design- OK it’s not “official”. Approx. $10,000 value of survey donated- real nice thank you in order. Perhaps give them a shelf dedication? We can now do driveway and civil site design

Design packet to fire marshall (Guest Gary Pohl):

  • Fire marshall has the packet. Shared letter with board.$1775.14 fee for fire marshall review. Told them to hold off until we approve cost
  • What is the definition of construction? We need to know first. Plan review still valid 6 months after approval, extension six months after. Need to hold off for now.
  • Where are we financially? Earmarks not yet identified. Capital budget not yet on Parnell’s desk. Federal earmark wasn’t tried before- $1.7 million.
  • With 19,000 in the bank and our big fundraiser “Li-Berry” still to come, we can start this fall if groundwork consists of starting- but not enough to build this year. Fed fiscal year begins October 1
  • Option- part of fire marshall review means we are serious- it is a marketing move
  • Don’t get full review- get preliminary review that doesn’t start the clock
  • Gary will look into provisional review
  • Cultural landscape is a good grant buzz word
  • National Park Service- preserve
  • Don’t let places get overrun
  • Make part of the mission of the library cultural preservation, history
  • Also sustainability- tie in with economy of Ester
  • Add in a tourism element
  • Operational budget still unclear. Seasonal heating costs and other cost-reductions. Explain how we are creating jobs

TVRRM letter:

  • Monique didn’t do this yet. Please send the contact info I’ll get it done

Business plan:

  • Nothing to report this time- minor changes only

Auction tally:

  • Deirdre still working on

Lallapalooza thank you letters, donor database:

  • Partly complete

Alaska legislative appropriation:

  • Not on the governor's desk yet

US Senate appropriation:

  • No info yet

Nonprofit application progress:

  • Non-profits not filing 990 is in the news. File a 990 by May 17
  • Bring on an actual accountant: Need our ducks in a row. Makes us look responsible and a better bet for donations/grants. Ask Buena Buchanan, CPA, for volunteer services, or Jean Davies. Keep on radar, but right now not necessary
  • Began filling the 1023 application, Draft of narratives

MOTION: Deadline of the July meeting for the first draft of sections for 501(c)(3) application and a clear idea of what is needed for any incomplete sections.

Discussion: bring up questions in June- Agenda item

ACTION: Approved


Upcoming Grants:

  • No info right now

Gazebo construction 2010:

  • Set up a work party date- two weeks notice- with project list
    • Center pole removed
    • Painting
    • Bulletin board
    • Ceiling
    • Artist competition
    • Antique tin
    • Stepping stones
    • Benches- artsy
    • Clean-up

MOTION: Set up work party with list of needed projects and materials

ACTION: Approved

Collections development policy:

  • Process for suggesting titles
  • Have some storage space
  • “We do not yet have the new library building and our current library is at capacity. We are grateful for your donation. It would be best to wait until we have a building. If not, we will take your donation, sort through and get rid of duplicates via E.P.O. or Literacy Council, or we keep them in cold storage.”
  • Getting books is easy- developing a collection is not


  • Letter to Guttenberg and Thomas: Create a thank you for their support

MOTION: Send a thank you letter to Thomas and Guttenberg

ACTION: Approved

MOTION: Thank you to Jeff Martt and Stutzmenn Engineering for the use of their equipment and time for topographic survey. Dedicate a shelf to them.

ACTION: Approved

Margaret- please send Monique the contact info for letter- date of survey April 25

MOTION: Thank you to Hans Mölders for all his work and dedicate a shelf to Hans Mölders.

ACTION: Approved (Deirdre abstained)


  • Special meeting for bylaw changes:
    • Request for special meeting made April 28- need to schedule a meeting within 30 days
    • June 27 6 pm to 7 pm Special Meeting of Members to officially change Bylaws
  • Library lecture: None this month- next in June TBA
  • Li Berry Festival: tabled until next month

ADJORN: 9:09

Next meeting: June 9, 2010

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