The John Trigg Ester Library

JTEL Board of Directors Meeting 4/14/2010

Call to Order: 7:15 pm:

Roll Call: Greta Burkart, Nancy Burnham, Eric Glos (proxy), Deirdre Helfferich, Monique Musick

ACTION: Minutes read by Monique Musick, amendments made

MOTION: Nancy moves to adopt minutes as amended, Greta second

ACTION: Approved


President's Report:

  • 192 Facebook fans
  • 1294 titles logged in to catalog including Calypso Farm’s books

Vice President’s Report:

Contacted a few insurance companies- no quotes yet. Spoke to Foraker group: no special insurance for nonprofits. Frank has liability insurance only, no renter's insurance.

Treasurer’s Report:

March statement in JTEL binder

April: low activity $169 deposit- $100 fundraising, $103 donations, lecture $16

Checks out: $1052.40 – News-Miner, USKH, post office box rent

Checking balance $425.30

Savings $19513.11

Check on overdraft protection for checking account

Secretary’s report:

Received financial statements from Nancy and Activities description from Deirdre– will merge into business plan and 501(c)(3) application


  • Humanites Forum We the People grant: Melinda worked on grant for equipment for lectures, missed deadline . One of few grants we were eligible for; bummer to see opportunity missed. Need to pass important tasks on if “life” comes up.
  • Alaska legislative appropriation: In the News-Miner with the Capital Budget, $50,000 to design the JTEL. Deirdre got a copy of the actual proposal, used information from before—used the 2007, not 2008 information. Legislature is still in session—no word yet.
  • USDA grant: Sue Hills researched– must be 501(c)(3) to apply
  • US Senate appropriation: Requested $1,710,218 based on construction estimate. It is a line item—waiting on info
  • nonprofit application progress:
    • Financial report section is ready– based on 82 days
    • Dissolution statement: must go to a 501(C)(3) charitable org—cannot name ECA.
    • Need to establish the exact relationship between ECA and JTEL regarding land, get a legal document establishing ownership and other rules for transfer of property rights
    • Activities narrative done by Deirdre: listed in order of importance with supporting documents, a description of all activities
    • IRS FORM 1023: Duty designation:
      • Part I,II, III- Monique
      • Part IV- Deirdre
      • Part V,- Nancy
      • Part VI, VII- Monique
      • VIII- Greta
      • IX- Nancy
      • X- Nancy
      • XI- Nancy
      • Form compilation, formatting and preparation for mailing- Monique
      • Proofing, editing- Deirdre
      • Final check- Susan Willsrud
      • Margaret and Eric- gather numbers and estimates as needed to fill sections
  • Topographical survey.
  • Contacted
  • Business plan revisions: No update to report- will integrate financial and activities into plan
  • Petty cash expenditures procedures and forms: Reimbursement form for out of pocket expenditures- put on website. Event food, try to limit to $20 max. The $50 reimbursement is for the total of all purchases not a per-store fee
  • $100 change for market cash drawer, otherwise no petty cash
  • Make sure income is recorded and deposited before it is spent on something else so that all expenses/income are properly tracked. Turn in receipts . Track sales records separate from membership dues, donations

MOTION: Accept $50 limit for reasonable out-of-pocket library expenses that can be reimbursed using the form and approved by a authorized signer on the checking account

ACTION: Approved

MOTION: A cash box of $100 will be maintained for fundraising events and the market, no other petty cash will be established. Cash gathered through events or fundraising should be recorded by category and deposited to checking as soon as possible.

ACTION: Approved

  • Check policies: Regular payments: (rent, fuel,) provide notice as possible, no vote required. Other expenses require board approval

MOTION: Adopt checking policy

ACTION: Accepted

  • Need to find a way to keep tabs on Gulliver’s credit- a policy for spending credit.
  • Need a collections development policy—Deirdre will work on this. Include removal from collections
  • Auction tally: not completed yet.
  • Database of donations, sales, and purchasers—Deirdre. Create form letters for solicitations and thank yous. In future (501-c-3) it will serve as official donation form for tax purposes. Greta brought in example solicitation letter and donation form from NAEC


  • “Benchgate”- The railroad bench was repossessed by owner. Mix-up with donor. Need to send a letter to TVRR Museum. Monique will draft a letter of apology- approve by e-mail- mail
  • Design packet to Fire Marshall—Get an update- where is it???
  • Lallapalooza thank you letters—Part of database project (Deirdre)
  • Grant info? Everyone should be looking
  • Soccer team sponsorship in the JTEL name: Youth soccer team needs a sponsor, $150, Carol Hoefler wants to donate the money but do it in the JTEL name- initiate an e-mail discussion with all board members
  • Business for ECA Spring meeting:
    • Land payment on the agenda for spring meeting
    • Work on a legal document
    • Set up three possibilities to bring to Members- perhaps a special election?
    • Does JTEL need to pay ECA hall rental for meetings and events?


  • Special Meeting of Members: Fall
  • May need to call a Special Meeting of Members to approve bylaw changes to Dissolution Statement and any other sections, including election of officers/nominations to Board, important to complete the 501(c)(3) application and to protect the organization and Members
  • Next library lecture: Igor Pasternak, April 28, 2010. Deirdre has bio and photos- find out if he can provide projector
  • Li-Berry fundraiser: Malemute—Open June 3 – July 27, monique will approach Beth about use/conditions. Find out about Saturday July 24, see if we need our own insurance

ADJORNED: 9:02 pm

Next meeting: May 12, 2010

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