The John Trigg Ester Library

JTEL Board of Directors Meeting 3/10/2010

Call to Order: 7:15 pm

Roll Call: Greta Burkart, Nancy Burnham, Eric Glos, Melinda Harris, Deirdre Helfferich, Monique Musick; Bob Huebert (guest)

ACTION: Minutes read by Monique Musick

MOTION: Move to adopt minutes with minor adjustments, edits to spelling

ACTION: Approved


President's Report:

  • Lallapalooza was a smashing event; managed to pull it together “by the seat of the pants”. Similar number of people as last year registered for bid numbers, ~75. Conflicts with other events—in light of that we did really well.

Vice-President's Report

  • Couldn’t make it to Lallapalooza- thanks for covering (had surgery)
  • Did not investigate any more insurance
  • Not worried about personal attack—folks who may sue would go after property. Need to pursue soon for peace of mind. It is probably expected that we are covered; will continue to pursue insurance information (just requesting info on liability insurance).
  • Frank should have fire insurance on current library building
  • We would need renter’s insurance for our coverage, based on a presumed value of assets.
  • Can we get renter’s insurance as a group?
  • Someone could sue us personally; need to be a little more informed.
  • We really have two places- Frank’s and land

Treasurer's Report

  • Lallapalooza and leftover sale brought in $6,000
  • Also $1000 in donations
  • Balance checking: $1126.30
  • Savings $19,504.98
  • Hans and Deirdre owe another $470
  • We owe USKH $800
  • Margaret suggests putting $4,000 in six-month CD. Discussion: Not certain of summer expenses—dirt work, topographical survey. Need money available for summer construction. CD rates at Denali Alaska are pretty good. Reconsider CD later in the summer when spending is confirmed. Eric: one big lump sum, one big mess—one big push all at once: If we do dirt work and nothing else there is potential that it all gets wasted. Shouldn’t tie money up just yet. Piecemeal can turn into no progress.
  • Tree clearing is a good place to bring in in-kind labor.
  • We need to go walk the property this spring
  • Topographical survey must happen before plans finish

Secretary's Report

  • Business plan revisions
  • PDF with 501-C-3 application e-mailed out


  • nonprofit applications status: received our Certificate of Incorporation. We are Alaska entity #126504.
  • Deirdre filled out initial information/report; File biannual reports—Deirdre will let us know when and how we need to file with the State (the information is with the packet)
  • Spirit of Alaska FCU account closure: The account is now closed, Margaret paid the fees

MOTION: Move to reimburse Margaret

ACTION: Approved

  • Architectural plan review: no Matt tonight
  • IT design/review / equipment purchase: Ulysses reviewed plans at Lallapalooza, Working with Matt to add the IT element to the plans. He is interested in purchasing equipment and stockpiling it for us. He can provide support for Mac but not equipment. We need to specify our needs and clearly identify what we need. Discussion: It is a little early to put energy into this. Needs to be part of the planning—wiring—but we have some time. Just don’t put him off. Ulysses provided a multi-page document with what he can do for us and wants to know what we want.

TABLE: Until discussion is more relevant

  • Topographic survey: We need to research companies certified in topographic surveys, find out fees. Margaret will get 3 quotes, Monique will get 3 quotes.
  • Insurance purchase: Do we want to purchase liability on current building or site now?

MOTION: Pursue formal quotes for liability insurance, library contents (renters) and liability on land. Three quotes of each.

ACTION: Approved

  • Policy for petty cash vs. expenditures: Deirdre, Nancy and Monique will work on forms/plan.
  • Business plan revisions: still happening, will send out for next meeting
  • Grant writing class: Thursday and Friday class $425. On-demand course in grant writing and management, Alaska Fire and Safety is the host agency. One with Foraker group next month through UA, TVC has grant writing course. Sue Hills would be willing to work with us on grant writing. Alaska Library Association has all kinds of workshops and grant alerts listed, but few are offered in Fairbanks.

MOTION: Not to fund this opportunity.

ACTION: Approved


  • Grants/appropriations requests: Applied federal appropriation spending through Guttenburg/Thomas office . Requested $1.7 million based on cost estimates/plans for library. There is also a USDA rural development grant with money specifically for library in a rural area. Training for Mo or Deirdre could happen through UA at no cost. Keep our eyes open to other grant training.
  • Need to purchase equipment for library functions
  • Melinda wants formal training before continuing with efforts, at the very least feedback on process
  • Federal nonprofit application assignments—

MOTION: Table until next meeting when folks have time to review form and figure out what needs to be done.

ACTION: Approved

  • Division of labor by board: Everyone on the board should be involved with some form of fundraising effort. As individuals we can work on in-kind contributions- the board focuses on the big things, major grants and major events. We should keep track of the in-kind hours that go into the project. That shows local involvement (volunteer time tracking spreadsheet). Board members have a responsibility to the organization.
  • The fundraisers are almost all spearheaded by Deirdre—we need to share that. Burn-out has already happened—it’s not just Deirdre. Spread out and plan further ahead.
  • Lallapalooza-
  • Li-Berry Festival- Monique will get a start (research Malemute, contact bands).
  • Readers on the Run- Monique will contact Nanette and Ed to find out what needs to happen.
  • Lallapalooza wrap up: Still have items at the ANNEX to be moved, returned or stored. The event went smoothly. Sporting event was fun, but didn’t generate money and was too long. Dessert auction needs to be earlier. Keep the event simple, be more selective on what comes in for the auction. The leftovers sale was really good. NAEC has form to send out.
  • Record keeping: Library records binder to be kept in library. Sections on all the fundraisers—how tos. Will include financial reports.


  • Next library lecture: Scott Darsney, Thursday March 18, Hartung Hall. Information release—Deirdre. Nancy and Mo will help with setup

MOTION: $50 for food and wine for lectures

ACTION: Approved

  • Red Dress Party update/cancellation: Cancelled until fall, will be restructured around new act


Next meeting: April 14, 2010

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