The John Trigg Ester Library

JTEL Board of Directors Meeting 2/10/2010

Call to order: 7:27 pm

Roll Call: Eric Glos, Deirdre Helfferich, Melinda Harris, Deirdre Helfferich

Guests: Kate Billington, Amy Cameron, Hans Mölders, Matt Prouty

ACTION: Minutes read, minor corrections, approved, will be published on line and distributed via e-mail


President’s Report:

  • Massive updates to Web and Facebook
  • Deirdre is auction organizer
  • 78 members on Lallapalooza group
  • 168 fans of JTEL

Vice President’s Report:

  • Insurance Larry Baker and Associates, ballpark $700 liability insurance. Hale and Associates wanted more info; A bidding war could be cheaper
  • A discussion of liability should happen in the future
  • When construction starts, contractor carries insurance and is responsible for site safety, but, does not exclude JTEL liability on the property
  • Didn’t reach Foraker group- they may know who specializes in nonprofit insurance
  • But the building that we have now?? Is Frank liable or us? This is what we need to think about right now.They’re called accidents for a reason, but “shit happens”, we should be ready
  • Melinda: fire insurance in equation? Assets on Frank’s property: books. Not likely covered in homeowners
  • Money in the bank, books on the shelf- that’s JTEL’s assets
  • Priority is us, we can get more stuff, we need to cover us and injuries
  • Only investigated a strictly liability policy
  • University just had a class on non-profit; Training and C.E. credits through TVC/UA in January- keep eyes open. Foraker Group also does training.Keep eyes open for cheap training and opportunities

Treasurer’s Report:

Absent, bank accounts will be discussed in new business

Secretary’s Report:

  • Will revise and distribute minutes
  • Still working on Business Plan



business plan revisions - New revisions from Deirdre


  • Covered in V.P report
  • How does insurance affect grant applications? (Melinda) Having it shows that small as we are we are approaching things professionally. Yes, we should have it in place first: Granting agencies see liability coverage as smart money
  • What if someone breaks themselves at our place?
  • We already have a structure
  • Investigate terms and policies, need to shop around for some basic liability
  • Purchase after Lallapalooza with “fresh money”

MOTION: Move to Vote on this, providing information is available, at March meeting

ACTION: Approved

Nonprofit application status- Nothing from State

  • Monique will follow up for next meeting



IT design/review: Ulises not available for discussion

Spirit of Alaska FCU account closure

  • Need resolution to close account
  • History: Account Debbie and Deirdre opened years ago. Decided to close, withdrew most and transferred to Denali Federal Credit Union. Monthly fees put account in negative. Margaret and Deirdre hearing different stories on closing. Now they want a resolution from us authorizing account closure
  • Need to draft resolution to sign and send in

MOTION: Monique moves that Deirdre, Margaret and Monique draft the aforementioned resolution to be signed by President and Secretary and the account closed accordingly

ACTION: Approved

Building grant through Sen Thomas’ office

  • Deirdre received e-mail
  • Meredith Cameron, Guttenburg aide, wrote memo yesterday questioning interest in construction grant funds
  • April 19 deadline to request

MOTION: Move to apply for state construction grant through Thomas/Guttenburg office, Request $50,000 again

ACTION: Approved

Melinda will assist Deirdre in this process

Other grant opportunities

  • Tons of grants on ALA list, lots of grants for rural libraries, Ester classified as rural
  • Funds to construct improve or expand public library
  • Private/public library- function as membership but open to public
  • Ask Greg Hill: how does Noel Wein feel about us? What is interest? Hill does not recommend becoming part of borough system- strings are attached. As a private library we have more freedom- not a government agency
  • Judy Triplehorn has investigated private/membership libraries- we are public/private. All libraries used to be like us, gradually became absorbed by government- funding. We are a throwback to original concept
  • $5 a year token fee, don’t prohibit outsiders
  • Members have voting rights
  • We are rural, non-exclusive, and eligible for a lot of grants
  • State nonprofit status is adequate - Fed N.P. not needed
  • We need to apply for these grants as soon as we can so we can begin building
  • Community sharing program we are certainly eligible for
  • Need acknowledgement from state

MOTION: Start a schedule, next month, to organize work groups to begin filling out nonprofit application

ACTION: Approved

Melinda will research other grants in detail so we can start applying for grants that don’t require 501-C-3 status so we can bring in money

Architectural plan review

  • Matt Prouty brought updated plans: Adding driveway, New septic, Identified landscape features, drainage; Tilted to view mountains; Passive solar; Floor plans incorporate Tripplehorn’s comments
  • Designs not in concrete, enough for the Fire Marshall
  • Making a model to look at
  • Had informal discussions with Fire Marshall, he’s anticipating the application packet. Two or three weeks back and forth is normal.
  • Communications systems- Ulysses needs brought in
  • Small mechanical room- small efficient system
  • Basement vs. crawl space- does not affect Fire Marshall review
  • Any changes after FM review, just provide revision statement
  • Basement is an idea that is out there
  • Deirdre likes redesign of space- floor plan

MOTION: Approve these designs for presenting to the Fire Marshall, minor changes OK

ACTION: Approved- send to Fire Marshall

Architectural/construction schedule/needs

  • Topographical site survey- must be done before foundation design
  • Matt Reckard will do structural

MOTION: Set schedule in April for site and foundation plans/evaluation

ACTION: Approved

  • Berr Ridge- corrigated steel siding- have seconds for a good deal


Library lecture: Scott Darsney, will set date for March. Photographer/ photojournalist- Aleutian Islands

Lallapalooza update

  • Shoes- not a lot of participants confirmed; Kate and Greta and Hans will help; Poster is being worked on, more will come; Any shoes are acceptable, not being modeled; Kids, dogs, any shoes go!!
  • Ester Republic owes JTEL $85 from last year- will go towards publicity
  • Posters and xeroxing ~$100
  • Food is donated
  • Press releases
  • Need to post to calendars

MOTION: Latitude 65- purchase display ad two Fridays before

ACTION: Approved

MOTION: Approve a Lallapalooza budget of $350

ACTION: Approved

  • Sextathalon: Judges considered or approved: Judie Triplehorn, June Pinnell-Stephens, Mary Ellen Baker
  • Auction Items: Choose from list, call them and post to Facebook to confirm. Call Kate if things need picked up on her days off. Anything not listed is free game, request items post results. Personal and private donations, mention on Facebook if possible. Lots of artists and personal contacts have been contacted
  • Food: Mimi- lasagna and sides; Hannah- dessert auction
  • Other roles/needs: Deirdre- auction guru; Deirdre/Amy- Marketing; Music & Entertainment- Kate has confirmed; Set-up: Resolve one-week prior; Presentation/set-up materials; Roll of paper for table covers. Greta & Melinda- oversee tables

Red Dress party update:

Tim Easton said he was interested, need to talk money, venue; Mid-April: Line-up with Juneau Folk Fest; Tabled till next month, Monique will work with Trey and Greta



Next meeting: March 10, 2010

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