The John Trigg Ester Library

JTEL Board of Directors Meeting 1/13/2010

Call to Order: 7:05

Roll Call: Deirdre Helferrich, Monique Musick. Via Proxy: Eric Glos, Nancy Burnham

Minutes read by Monique

ACTION: minutes approved



President's Report:

  • 54 on Lallapalooza group on Facebook
  • 144 fans, Monique is an admin for the page too
  • Updated website with rules for Lallapalooza, registration form for sporting events
  • Problem with heat - library froze solid. Ran electric heaters. Had to set up new fuel account with Fairbanks Fuel, $876 check for fuel, delivered Jan 12. Heater turned on without horrid noises

Vice Presiden'ts Report:

  • Eric said insurance would be $700 annually for liability on property
  • With who?

Treasurer's Report:

  • $13,084.59 savings
  • Transferred $500 for fuel
  • $2224.16 in checking (before fuel deduction)
  • Both Margaret and Deirdre can access checking in Nancy’s absence
  • Ritchie has questioned the need for the library to pay rent on the Hartung for meetings
  • How separate is the Library from the ECA? Should JTEL pay?

Secretary's Report:

  • Started drafting the business plan sent out for initial review. Comments back from Greta, will keep working on it between now and next meeting



Insurance - Eric got an estimate

Business plan - started

Sign - posted in P.O.



architectural plan review

Library building update, Matt Prouty

  • Did a site assessment today (Jan 13)
    • Will relocate septic in plans
    • Need to get a full topographic survey to accommodate parking and mechanical challenges. Also affects site placement- especially affecting addition plans
    • Pre-plan mechanically, pre-engineer the building
    • Make sure correct work is done this summer
    • Discussions between engineers and architects
    • “Smart money” is to do a topographic survey. Who do we call? Licensed surveyor
  • Civil plan can be prepared in office. Driveway permit is attained, but need civil plan first. John Rowe, civil design, also walked the site today. Civil plans: drainages, parking, retaining wall, septic
  • Property survey was done by Kalen Associates- plot plan
  • Have the site surveyed in spring when the water and runoff is an issue
  • Make sure any dirt work this summer is in the right place
  • Will expand roof overhang to provide protection
  • Entrance will move to accommodate drainage and access
    • Other than that no significant design changes
  • Fire Marshal most interested in materials, exits, foundation
  • Less glazing as per Seifert’s comments
  • Have final package in time for Lallapalooza, Feb. 28
  • Heating systems - Met David Missick at last meeting. Company been involved in more biomass research and alternative heating in past 12 months. Nancy Fresco- sustainable harvest of shrubs as biofuel. Masonry heater adds baseline heat, but is really aesthetic. Need wood fired boiler or pellet boiler to maintain heat, requires stoking, masonry heater can involve domestic water, Sub-floor heating.
    • ICF foundation
    • Masonry heater complements wood boiler. Redundancy system: a small oil boiler to keep building from freezing in worst-case scenario. Yes three systems, but...Allows for a smaller masonry heater, also reduces structural costs
    • Are there hybrid oil/wood boilers?
    • Passive solar design and super-insulated walls are also factors.
    • Keep Missick involved as wood heat specialist in the final plans
    • They (the firm) can calculate heat load, but the specialists have the insight. Other projects happening now will help pave the way:
      • BLM- wood fired boiler; Ft. Yukon- solar and wind systems, materials
      • CCHRC is testing all kinds of systems, been a big help on projects
  • Materials choices (siding etc) will really affect how “Ester-ish” the building appears. Right now the design is focused on getting approval from Fire Marshal, the overall look of finish materials is independent from that, recycled materials etc. can affect look
  • Thermal storage tanks need to be added to designs
  • Entrance and foundations will be corrected on drawings
  • Application for Fire Marshal in February, they will prepare, we pay
  • Meeting on Feb. 10 will include updated plans in preparation of application
  • Building is classified as business occupancy, load max 50. We get bigger so does the price tag!
  • Don’t want to be classified as an assembly space!!



Lallapalooza: February 28, 1pm to 5:30pm. (Amy Cameron, Kate Billington joined meeting for this discussion)


  • Shoe show- Inside, Outside for your Downside. Functional, desirable shoes, or shoe art/accessories. Fashion show and auction: Perhaps not have people in the shoes, rather they are being shown like auction items. Shoe-show will have its own poster
  • Sporting Event: Sextathalon
    • Ruler thwacking- 1 per team: approx. 5 minutes
    • Shushing- 1 per team: approx. 8 minutes
    • Book cart drill team- 6 teams: approx. 30 minutes
    • Body Boggle- 6 teams: 20 minutes
    • Costume- Part of team identity, no time needed
    • Relay: sorting, stacking, moving- approx 15 minutes
    • Total time: approx. 78 minutes, schedule 1.5 hours. Try to figure out how to shorten the time. Have events coinciding.
    • Limited teams, max 6, well structured, prior sign-up and instruction is paramount
    • Need tables, extra boggle boards, wood rulers,
    • Judges and judging things, stopwatches
    • Prizes!! (And glory of course) Top three
  • Lasagne feed: Who is head? Jerry, Hannah, Mimi are possibilities. Kick-off with food 1pm to 2pm


  • Food 1:00
  • Music 1:00 to 1:40- Nate Montgomery??
  • Fashion: 1:40
  • First auction closes 2:00
  • Sextathalon: 2:30-4:00
  • Second auction closes 3:00
  • Third auction closes 4:00
  • Music 4:00 to 4:30- Mike Stackhouse??
  • Dessert auction/ winner announcement 4:30
  • DJ from end of dessert to close (5:30)
  • Fourth auction closes 5:00

Audio - James and Andy

Jan Roberts - help find items

Make a call out for volunteers , Find a head honcho

Publicity: Public announcement, media - Deirdre

Poster: Amy

Dessert: Hannah? Kate will ask Nordman

Monique - auction items

Amy- auction items

Auction set-up/display: Thela or Judie


ACTION: Adjourn 9:05

Next meeting: February 10, 2010

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