The John Trigg Ester Library

JTEL Board of Directors Meeting, Thursday, 2.10.2011

JTEL Business Office, the Annex, studio #8, 6 pm (please note time!)


Roll Call

Minutes from the January 13, 2011 board meeting

Minutes from the December 9, 2010 board meeting (first portion review)

Officers' Reports

Committee Reports

Opportunity for Public Comments

Old Business:

  • nonprofit application: status and review
  • grant update: state appropriation
  • business plan
  • collections policy
  • board duties & code of conduct
  • membership policy
  • USKH & building design: proposed contract
  • branding/logo
  • software purchase revisit: PC

Opportunity for Public Comments

New Business:

  • new grants applications
  • fundraising investments (permanent items): tablecloths or fabric; banner; etc.

Opportunity for Public Comments


  • Library Lecture Series update
  • Lallapalooza & Book Bash: February 27
    • budget
    • board members responsible for: basket, box wine, dessert or hors d'oeuvre, finding volunteers
    • schedule

Next meeting: Sunday, March 13, 2011


Roll call: Roy Earnest, Eric Glos, Melinda Harris, Deirdre Helfferich,Monique Musick

Guests: Hans Mölders, Trey Simmons

Call to order: 6:18

Trey: Guest Lallapalooza report

  • 90 solicitation letters sent out
  • Need to contact
  • 10 responses so far
  • Need about 6 people to help make calls
  • Aim to have everything collected by next Saturday
  • We need a budget set

MOTION Monique: allow a $600 budget

Roy Second

ACTION: Approved unanimously

  • Board members must all create a basket: “Fancy gift basket” Destined for outcry auction
  • Hannah will do the outcry
  • Set-up begins Thursday- Boy Scout troop
  • Need more hors devours
  • Make desserts
  • Locate volunteers
  • Mali is available to volunteer as needed
  • Have a plan for tables and chairs for eating
  • Two years ago Deirdre and Hans did an interview on KJNP; Interested in the library, Invited them again. There is a video recording of last interview. Tuesday or Thursday at 9:00, be there at 8:30. Tuesday before the Lallapalooza would be key. Giant log cabin studio. Melinda can do the interview. Andrea (Roy’s wife) can pick up video of last time
  • Melinda will pick up at Capital meeting for a pre-meeting briefing
  • Talk to Molly about writing a feature on the Lallapalooza for the News Miner
  • Food:
    • Dessert auction:
      • Melinda has it under control
      • Wants a dozen-ish
  • Lasagne:
    • Debbie from Red Fox will possibly make 1 or 2 lasagnas
    • Ken is not really sure how the lasagna deal will work best. Ken was offering his labor to make lasagnas. He doesn’t know how to set this up otherwise. Can get pans for making big ones
    • In the past we have had volunteers make lasagna. Can get some ingredients perhaps donated
    • Solution:
      • Ken will make 8 hotel pan size lasagnas. Next Thursday report in on donations and materials. We’ll find out how much money will be needed to finish it. People can donate to the lasagna fund rather than make a lasagna
  • Monique will bring salad and bread
  • Need non-alcoholic beverages
  • Wine service and hors devours
  • Auction items: Deirdre would like to know what has come in for the sake of advertising

Minutes from January: read

Motion to adopt: Eric

Second: Ken



President’s Report:

Media: Getting more blog visits 2,000+

Roy helping with Facebook posts, Tagging who wrote each message, Sending out invitations to Facebook, Usage is increasing

Sent in request through Guttenberg for $100,000, Adaptation of the letter Monique wrote

Vice President’s report

We need insurance one of these days

House repealed part of the PATRIOT Act re: library book usage

Deirdre requests setting a deadline for aquiring insurance

At least before the Spring work parties

Heater in the library had water in the line, a $3 filter fixed it

Eric took care of it- many thanks to him and Ken

No final number from USKH


$2.94 in interest, new savings balance $8523.43

$956.44 checking

Have money to deposit


Nothing special that isn’t on the schedule


Capital Campaign

Monique, Deirdre, Todd and Roy. Roy and Todd will work on Rasmuson. Todd new active member.

Assigned grant applications

Deirdre will do Murdock

Post-Lallapalooza Susan and Deirdre will host grant writing workshop

Waiting for info on community revenue sharing


ECA is just now putting in their request for Borough revenue sharing, Deirdre is going to make sure we aren’t missing anything

Discussed and completed survey, Monique put it onto SurveyMonkey, Had to upgrade to a $24 a month plan, will cancel post-survey

Announcement that there will not be earmarks, however we should stay in the hat

We have not put in for federal money

We need a DUNS number from; Greta tried and had problems

Why not resubmit last year’s just to be on the list. Nothing wrong with not qualifying- just keep your name out there

Sent via a link online from Begich’s website

Roy will look into it for this year

Look to the letter sent in e-mail this year re earmarks

Non-profits were still encouraged to contact him

Have computers at the Lallapalooza for doing the online survey

Monique and Deirdre met with Carey Brink, a former ISER researcher, about surveys, Got tips, Good ideas on how to write and conduct a survey

Construction Committee

No official meeting, Waiting for the architect to get back


Non-profit status and review

Must meet with Nancy again to finalize budgets

Roy will send to Todd for review

It is urgent to get it off before the end of the month

Mail it off before the Lallapalooza

Is it OK with the board for Monique to mail it off without any further review?

Eric: motion

Roy: second


Grant updates

  • State Appropriation- no
  • Rasmuson- requires 501(c)(3)
  • (so does Murdoch)
  • Roy spoke with Jayson Smart
  • Nancy Lord recommended getting in with them from the get-go
  • They are affiliated with the Foraker group
  • Jayson-
  • Longevity (lack there of) is a concern
  • Our connection to the Borough is also questionable
  • Want to know that we are in cohoots with them
  • We are in with the revenue sharing
  • Aside (Borough relationship)
  • Ken’s sister works for the borough- wants to know if we are interested in the old arial map
  • 8 ft. by 10 ft. approx.
  • Carolyn Yurkovich, General Services Manager for FNSB
  • Very well laid out operations and business plan
  • Todd and Roy will focus on the financials in the business plan
  • Two versions: the big dream and the day to day
  • Every foreseeable cost
  • Foundation endowment is a part
  • What do you have in your “Friends of” account? They want to know
  • Excited about the community survey
  • Need our survey to give positive numbers back!
  • Need to know where the borough stands- that they are behind us
  • Kind of surprised that no one in the borough is involved
  • (Actually we never asked)
  • A resolution of support from the borough
  • Sustainable funding sources
  • Foraker group has a cost- provides a service
  • Hold your hand through the grant writing
  • Jayson looked at the Web- likes where we are going
  • Wanted to make sure we are associated with ALA

Need some big names and big money coming in

Collections policy-

Deirdre sent to board

  • Roy reviewed
  • Deirdre worked on the relationship of the board and the librarian
  • Clarified the position
  • We can change it when we have a “real” librarian
  • Roy would like to share with some folks
  • Deirdre has shared with some professionals- Karen Jensen, Judy Tripplehorn, June Pinnell-Stevens, and was based on Paul Adasiak’s policy
  • Contact Paul McCarthy about getting involved
  • Table until next time- please review and provide feedback

Board member roles and code of conduct

  • Some things are important- time requirements
  • Right now, as we organize, we are putting in more time
  • Asks board members to be involved in one or more committee
  • All need to review and send comments to Greta

Membership policy

  • Draft is on the computer, Needs feedback

All policies need to be reviewed and formally adopted


  • Deirdre called them
  • Matt said he was waiting on the LifeWater decision
  • Monday, Feb. 14, Deirdre is going to go downtown
  • Need to sign contract for this next phase of contract
  • They have donated a lot of time
  • However we have made many changes and we are going to have to pay for it
  • Really like the decision to build “passive haus” now to reduce operating later
  • We need to really know that this is what we want
  • Need a certain sense of where our funding is coming from
  • We previously approved entering a $55,000 contract, but that may prove to be low. However, they may still hold to that original estimate
  • Without background in this it is hard to know if this is a good deal. Those who know say it is
  • The designer’s/architect’s time has value
  • It would be nice if they could donate more, but we can’t offer a tax deduction
  • We have to love this building!

Monique Motion: Allow Deirdre the authority to sign the new contract, if reasonable, when she visits the office on Monday.

Second: Ken


Branding and logo- no Amy


  • GiftWorks is only PC compatible
  • A PC laptop
  • Eric has one- needs it’s “brain washed”
  • Talk to John Henry

Fundraising Investments

Get some re-usable high quality materials for our fundraisers, ie. banners, table cloths, serving dishes

Will make a budget and wish list

Monique paid for SurveyMonkey for $24.99 a month

MOTION: Repay Monique for the purchase

Second: Ken

ACTION: Approved (Monique abstained)

Library lecture series

  • Third Wednesdays 7 pm
  • Commitments:Walter- March; Chluup- April; Jennifer Jolis- May
  • Neil will not commit for the summer- too far ahead
  • Make a poster and start putting it out there
  • Deirdre will do that

Next meeting-

Greta can’t do Thursdays. Change to Sundays at 6 pm

March 13

Motion: Ken Adjourn 8:45

Melinda: Second


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