The John Trigg Ester Library

JTEL Board of Directors Meeting, Sunday, 3.13.2011

JTEL Business Office, the Annex, studio #8, 6 pm (please note time!)


Roll Call

Minutes from the February 10, 2011 board meeting

Minutes from the December 9, 2010 board meeting (first portion review)

Officers' Reports

Committee Reports

  • proposal from Don Cameron

Opportunity for Public Comments

Old Business:

  • lallapalooza & leftovers sale overview, thank yous, leftover books
  • USKH & building design
  • business plan
  • branding/logo
  • purchases: donor software, bookshelf tabs, printer, memory?
  • policies:
    • collections policy
    • board duties & code of conduct
    • membership policy

Opportunity for Public Comments

New Business:

  • letter to endorse Fairbanks Open Radio
  • endowment startup: dollar amount to establish
  • fundraising investments (permanent items): tablecloths or fabric; banner; etc.

Opportunity for Public Comments


Next meeting: Sunday, April 17, 2011


Roll call: Ken Bluhm, Nancy Burnham, Greta Burkart, Amy Cameron, Roy Earnest, Eric Glos, Deirdre Helfferich, Monique Musick

Guests: Don Cameron, Hans Mölders

Call to order 6:08

Minutes from February 10: Nancy move to adopt

Deirdre: second

Approved unanimously

Need to update beginning part of December minutes with Nancy’s minutes, Approve via e-mail


Officers' Reports

President’s Report

Called Gail and Larry Flodin, Discussed lawyers. Gene Bellam is the lawyer who will handle the land transfer

456-5444, 709 5th ave., Parcel #455903
Tax lot # TL-712 Tract A- gazebo property

Transfer depends upon 501(c)(3)

Went to title office and transfered the land for $25

Vice President’s Report

Got insurance recommendations; Didn’t bring notebook to discuss. We need it- lets just get something

Brought in laptop

Article in today’s paper about Chluup’s passive house

Tuesday March 22 the North Pole library will be discussing their new branch designs. Meeting in North Pole city hall. They are looking to expand- build a new place. Where does their money come from

Deirdre spoke with Greg Hill and Renee VanNort while at the P.O. Saturday about the N.P. library. They are looking into a State funded project to help with the library expansion funding. Noel Wein needs legislative support for fixing the library. Different avenue of funding

Mark Simpson has done liability insurance for the park- he’d be a good resource

Treasurer's Report

Deposit $4785.00 savings

Deposit $2611 checking

Expenses $2205.78

$13305.33 savings balance

Gulliver’s credit- Melinda delivered books for credit

Secretary’s report

1023 Application for Federal Nonprofit recognition is in the mail!

Survey is underway

Took advantage of the trip to Juneau with UA to also advocate for the library: Spoke to Guttenberg, Thomas, Kawasiki, Miller and Wilson about our $100,000 appropriation . Updated on our plans, fundraising, and what we need this money for

Committee Reports

Capital campaign

Susan is working on our timeline- but she’s getting really busy

Community survey has been launched: Monique and Melinda sat at the P.O. March 5, Roy and Deirdre did on March 12. Need more printed version of the long version, need more cards

Endowment- use $2000 to set up our endowment. Should be in place before the grants are submitted. Need $5,000 in 5 years to properly establish an endowment no update

April 1, set up a meeting to prepare participants and hand out material. April 10 would be the workshop. Each person would focus on different grants. Focused grant writing work session. Concerned about First Friday- may move to April 3


  • We need thank yous sent
  • Need software on P.C.
  • Some folks went over value- they need receipts

Rasmuson grant- estimated to be finished by the end of March

Business plan and dream budget underway

Roy will organize Friends of Library

Construction Committee

Had a meeting at USKH on Feb. 25; Good group gathered, good input. Convinced architects to really do passive house design. Added water column into staircase

Wanted plan by Lallapalooza

There is still a jog in the wall- but it will be removed

Met earlier in the day- Mike, Hans, and Eric. Still need numbers from USKH. Referring to old numbers still ~$866,0000. Changes may add building expenses but reduce operating. Updated figured expected soon. May 11 is their deadline for materials

Discussed Don’s offer to discuss the ANNEX- couldn’t talk about it yet, Have to see the proposal first

Don Cameron

  • Throw out a few ideas: The future of the ANNEX is at a crossroad. First Fridays are expensive and folks aren’t buying art. Nothing planned-for after December. Lower gallery is available come January
  • Currently paying around $500 a month. The space including the office would be $2000 a month. Includes heat, electricity, H2O
  • Location is a concern to some
  • This is the pathway to Ester, Gold Hill, Old Nenana. School bus stops here or passes by. Location could have plusses
  • Higher rent
  • Provide some history for us, Something to kick around
  • Wouldn’t mind selling the whole building for less than the cost.
  • Full occupancy of rentals has $69,100 income, $25,585 annual expenses, Makes $43,500 income available for expenses. Rent the shop to Don for $1900, Rent Nancy her studio
  • This came up during the Lallapalooza. There are some concerns with non-profit purposes; Could be considered as a transitional space. Would create a viable library while the other one is being built. Find $18,000 a year and we’d have a library. It acts as a cultural center already
  • Rental agreement could turn into an ownership. 10,000 square feet total. If you had someone build it it would be about $750,000
  • If it fills the bill it would simplify the process
  • Once the last show in December comes down we could be in by Jan. 1
  • Take 2908 gallons a year in heating fuel, Deliver ~200 gallons at a time
  • Rent water to the North Star from the well here (they pay electric)
  • Insurance $4157

Take some time to digest before making decision

Monique: MOTION Hold a special meeting on March 20 at 6 p.m. to discuss this with all players except Nancy


Action: All APPROVED

It is good to have more than one option on the table

Please do not make the ANNEX business public


Lallapalooza follow up

Lots of leftover books

  • Official overview: $5903.50
  • Leftover made $292.10
  • Additional $500
  • $6695.60 total including donations
  • Expenses- $595.78 total (including table cloths etc.)
  • $436.00 for Lallapalooza
  • Net $5774.54

Need to think about what we made beyond goods sold, $10,675 value in donations. We still have some unsold items. Many items did not sell over value by more than $2-$10. Desserts went over more than anything else. There are a few IOUs out

Need to send Thank You’s to 80+ donors. Do a thank you party- get thank you cards

Order from 4-Over: 1000- thank you cards ~$250 plus shipping. Monique will order

Motion Eric: Approve expense

Second: Ken

All approved

Need to enter in all of our donor information sooner rather than later. Melinda is offering time this week or next

Leftover books- we can bring many of them to Gulliver’s for our book credit


need final numbers, Make sure we have enough space for movies etc.

Business plan- is an urgent need

Roy and Monique will meet Tuesday night. All volunteer is not entirely realistic- need paid librarians.People will step up and volunteer. At the very least we need someone to schedule and cover when a volunteer does not show up

Basing numbers off of Homer library

Nothing right now that we can really ask for

Branding and logo

Amy will e-mail updated design

Monique already started using the term “Beyond Books”

Sponsor brochure


  • Donor software
  • Bookshelf tabs- Eric will handle it
  • Printer-

Nancy should be reimbursed for ink

Motion: Eric- Reimburse Nancy for ink

Second- Ken

All approved

Mini memory- computer isn’t fully functioning

  • Go to the MacMan with the old memory and buy it
  • Try e-Bay one more time or what not- Roy will do so


Board duties and code of conduct needs the most input- revise for next meeting

Membership policy- need input

Collections policy- need input

Closer to applications we are the more urgent they become

Motion: adopt Membership and Collections policy, review every three years to see if they need updated, or as required

Nancy: Second

All Approved

Privacy policy is underway, Deirdre will prepare a draft


Endowment startup

Recommend that we start our endowment with the Alaska Community Foundation with $2,000 and not touch it for three years

We need to bring it up to $5,000 in three to five years

Motion: Melinda establish the endowment with $2000 from savings

Second: Roy

All Approved

Letter of endorsement of Fairbanks Open Radio

Amber is the new station manager

Looking for proof of community support

Deirdre would be willing to write the letter

Motion: Monique- write a letter of support

Second: Eric

Action: Approved

Fundraising investments

  • Banner?
  • Table cloths
  • Thank you’s
  • “Library fundraiser today”

Ned some research on costs- Melinda will price them out

Any other business? No


Library lecture

  • Walt Benesch- This Wednesday at the Hartung. Need to print and hang posters
  • Need to advertise like mad! Hang posters, send e-mails, Submit to News-Miner
  • Torsten Chlupp and Jennifer Jolis are also scheduled
  • People are less willing to submit for the later events
  • A lot of interest in prospecting and gold mining information

Grant writing- April 3 and April 10 tentative

Next Board meeting: April 17, 2011 6 p.m.

Motion: Adjourn 8:00

Second: Melinda

All Approve

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