The John Trigg Ester Library

JTEL Board of Directors Meeting, Thursday 1.13.2010

JTEL Business Office, the Annex, studio #8, 7 pm


Roll Call

Minutes from the December 9, 2010 board meeting

Officers' Reports

Committee Reports

Opportunity for Public Comments

Old Business:

  • nonprofit application: status and review
  • grants updates:
    • community revenue sharing
    • state appropriation
    • state library building grant (new)
  • business plan
  • procurement policy
  • collections policy
  • membership policy
  • USKH & building design: contract
  • donor/volunteer software purchase
  • budgeting

Opportunity for Public Comments

New Business:

  • building plan revisions
  • marketing plan
  • Spending decision: RAM for office computer
  • library services plan

Opportunity for Public Comments


  • Get-together for architects & Chlupp with board
  • Soup & Stow
  • Library Lecture Series
  • Lallapalooza & Book Bash: February 27

Next meeting: February 10, 2011


Call to order:

Present: Ken Bluhm, Roy Earnest, Eric Glos, Deirdre Helfferich, Monique Musick

Guest: Hans Mölders

Monique Musick read minutes

Move to adopt minutes- Eric

Second- Ken



President's Report:

The title company needs a copy of resolution approving the land sale before the title transfer can be concluded. We have the signed contract but not meeting minutes. Once we have the right documentation we will do the Title Transfer at Fairbanks Title Company

Sent in letter requesting consideration for community revenue funds; Dealing with Carol Kincaid, Financial Services for the borough, Provided required facts on the community and the project. The Assembly needs to approve the list of communities eligible for these funds, Will do so this January, Good chance of making the list

Requested information from Sen. Thomas about what to request funding wise

Received two bookcases from Brian Charlton, (“magofolis” on Facebook) for the office

Books are from Art Greenwalt; Lots of nice Alaska books etc.

Library Facebook- only Deirdre posting still


  • Facebook fans- 245
  • Blog visits- 1,681
  • Titles entered into the catalog- 1,281

Construction directories now available listing local contractors

Brought office supplies

Treasurer's Report:

  • $1,185 starting balance (checking)
  • Transfered $1000.00 from savings to checking
  • Deposits $2,185


  • $2102.00 total
  • USKH- $500.00
  • The ANNEX- $300.00
  • Alaska Petroleum- $1002.00- have $162.00 credt
  • Frank Therrell- $300 (6-months rent)

Savings balance: $8,517.26

Checking balance: $952.46

Gulliver’s: $290.25

Secretary’s Report

Over Christmas break brought down a computer for the office. Needs more memory- half a brain. Has all the files from me and Deirdre. It is open to board members, Connected to internet

1023 application

  • Corrections from Deirdre
  • Nancy requested the application to redo/update the budget numbers
  • Roy read through things- lots of information, Nothing jumped out in particular. Will be a useful resource (That’s why it is taking so long)
  • 501(c)(3)- Need to get it done and the business plan finished. Need to be finished soon; Useful for writing grants


Capital campaign

  • just Monique and Deirdre
  • Sent list of very active volunteers to Susan and Roy
  • Have not set up grant writing workshop
  • No more work on survey yet; Monique and Deirdre will work together have ready by February board meeting, Will present options for distributing survey; Will launch at Lallapalooza


  • The Lallapalooza auction committee met in December; List of previous donors was sent to Trey
  • Trey had a housefire and needs to step back from heading up the auction


  • Amy submitted some designs- they’re not really there yet

Marketing plan- no further information

Office rental- $120 from Carey Brink and Todd Hoener

Construction committee

Mike and Hans visited Torsten’s true “passive house” visit

  • German standards - air, BTUs, insulation, etc.
  • Upshot of the design is the operating cost- doesn’t need a boiler
  • Has lots of foam, 15 inches in the ground, thick walls- dense packed with cellulose
  • Materials costs are higher-- operating costs are minimal
  • We wouldn’t need a boiler
  • Committee thinks we should build to that standard
  • Grants for this type of building may be available
  • Operating expenses would be negligible- especially heating

Changed the library plans somewhat

  • Added the basement- add water bladder (thermal mass- especially if solar heated) Help keep heating bill down. Whole idea is to keep long-term operating costs down
  • LifeWater mini-treatment plant instead of a septic system
  • Added stairwell access and a dumbwaiter
  • Basement is not a public access area- no ADA requirements
  • About 500 ft. more public space upstairs (no much room) and a new basement
  • Need to go back to USKH with the plan and design changes
  • Presented passive house information to Pohl, Prouty, Jeff, etc.
  • They will present us with new plans, estimates, and proposed construction timeline
  • Need to get it from Gary Pohl

Monique suggested having Torsten Chlupp present passive house as a library lecture


Nonprofit application- get comments to Monique!!

State Appropriation- nothing back yet (see pres. report)

State Library building grant-

we aren’t ready yet, requires more information and research then we have right now. The information they ask for is a great planning guide for other grants. Such as: narrative of the nature of the project, how will the project improve your community, detailed budget of the construction, describe funding sources, operating and maintenance budget


really need the all-in expense, not just building, but furnishing, operating etc. Right now our budget is pretty simple but we really have to work on our future budgets

Business plan-

  • looking for revisions and any additional sections that anyone writes
  • A guide and overview of the business
  • Roy is meeting with Nancy Lord next week re Homer library
  • Look for examples
  • Ask the Alaska Library list serve
  • Based off of “Small Business for Dummies”-- no available in the office


Procurement policy-

  • let's finalize and approve
  • Changes were made based on recommendations from the board
  • Local: defined
  • Have official list for making purchases (Home Construction Directory) now in office
  • Conflict of interest- federal

Eric- move to adopt as amended

Roy- second

ACTION- Procurement Policy approved

Collections policy-

  • working on with the input from professional librarians
  • It is not small! Biggest concern is that it is really broad--We like it that way
  • The “librarian”’s duties are referred to a lot, but we don’t really have one. We should actually define the duties and see if they are referenced appropriately in the collections policy. Nancy was concerned about defining duties in the section on challenges
  • Table for now

Membership policy- nothing to report

USKH- covered in construction committee

Donor Software

$499 for the GiftWorks software

Eric- yes money is tight, but we have money coming soon, it will make our life easier. We could pay a lot more and not have as much

Eric- Move to purchase the software

Monique- second

ACTION- approved the purchase of GiftWorks


RAM for computer

  • Need it, need to know costs
  • Monique’s computer- she should buy the RAM
  • The board may decide to reimburse for some of the expense
  • Need the numbers; Library can pay if it is not too much

Library services plan-

  • We need to know what we are planning to do at the library and what services we will offer so we can budget for it
  • List our ideas of services
  • Bring service ideas to the next meeting or share via e-mail
  • Especially accessibility options, TTY phones etc.
  • Large print editions? Tutoring? Inter-Library loan?


Final meeting with architects, Chlupp and board

  • Changes cost money!
  • The passive house changes have already been submitted
  • When the final design is ready we meet to discuss the final changes
  • Have “Passive Haus”, in general and as it applies to the library, as the Library Lecture
  • Have the plans and information ready for the Lallapalooza

Soup & Stow-

  • Library work day- Roy and Ken both offered to help clean, but not necessarily the event. Need to assess the situation first

Library Lecture Series

  • March- Passive House Design/Library plan
  • Commitments- Walt Benesch, March 16; Sandy Jamieson- October 19, or November
  • Left voice mails: Neil Davis, Jennifer Jolis, Need to contact: Chlupp (possible for April 20)

Lallapalooza & Book Bash: Feb 27

  • Auction committee- met, no information
  • Bob and Monique met re- sound and music. Bob will do sound. Acoustic, more background- less performance. Set-up suggestions for Lallapalooza- stage in enclave

Construction Committee

  • Not sure when the next construction committee meeting will be. Final thought on heating: pellet stove? We have a multi-fuel stove (masonry) it can burn anything, pellet stoves require manufactured pellets.
  • Need we be concerned about smoke/exhaust/dust and other issues? They have all been considered during the planning

Next meeting board February 10, 6 p.m.

Next Capital Campaign meeting is January 26

MOTION: Eric- adjourn 9:05



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