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Collections and inventory – December 2016

This month 119 books were entered to the catalog, most of them having been on our shelves since 2003 and later. Many art and reference books, particularly woodworking and other crafts, were among them. The complete 24-volume Family Creative Workshop is now entered as well. We have watercolor, drawing, printmaking, collage, puppet making, and decoupage how-to instruction manuals written by a range of authors, including the inimitable Bob Ross. Several guidebooks, erotica, thrillers, and Alaskana have also been added to the collections. And we now have a copy of William Shakespeare’s A Winter’s Tale, too. All told, 1,717 titles were added to the catalog this year, bringing the total up to 7,555 books, movies, and voice books listed. We are almost done cataloging the books actually in the library and can soon move on to the items in storage.

We have perhaps three times this many items in storage (not counting those reserved for sale or remaining on the shelves to be catalogued), at a rough guess, with more coming in every month. We intend to revise the Collections Development Policy soon so that new titles can be integrated smoothly into the collections—and so that we don’t get swamped by all the new books we don’t need!

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Don’t forget Pick.Click.Give!!

PFD applications are right around the corner, so please don’t forget to give to JTEL through the Pick.Click.Give program. Every dollar will go towards operating expenses for the current library/Clausen renovation. We hope to get the Clausen Cabin up and running this year through your generous donations!  Thanks, and Happy New Year!

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Clausen Cabin: Nearly Solstice Update

Solstice happens soon, daylight is short and the busy holidays are here. Yet, thanks to our wonderful volunteers and donors, extraordinary progress has been made on the rejuvenation of the Clausen Cabin. Starting in October, a series of six volunteer work sessions were held. Result: All exterior wall surfaces have been furred and provided with additional insulation (R-18 added to the existing), infiltration barriers and gypsum board; interior walls were blocked to receive future items (e.g. grab bars, cabinets) and covered with gypsum board. The Monitor heater was refurbished and relocated, and with the new insulation and infiltration barriers, has no problem keeping the cabin toasty warm even during the recent cold spell. The interior was now ready for taping/mudding, and priming/painting.

Painters & Allied Trade Local 1959, after being contacted by JTEL President Syrilyn Tong, volunteered to provide taping/painting labor and started on Saturday, December 10th. A week later, the walls have been painted and are now ready to receive electrical finish work, doors, trim and base, and wall supported items.

Bear Electric will be returning next week to complete the electrical work. In the next steps of the renovation, JTEL volunteers will be installing new floor underlayment, two new doors, salvaged cabinets, trim and flooring.

Clausen Cabin

Interior wall blocking going in.

Special gratitude to those who volunteered to make it possible:

Wall Insulation/Furring and Sheet Rock Go for It Crew: Deirdre Helfferich, Mindy Gallagher, Ginny Gallagher, Syrilyn Tong, Eli Sonafrank, Eric Glos, Mike Musick, Gary Pohl, and Greg Selid. This crew “rocked”.


The same wall newly painted.

Most Awesome Painters: Charlie Young, Josh Terry and Alonzo Torres from Local 1959 came in on their own time, during mostly two weekends, to do a stellar job, The walls are smooth surfaced and painted semi-gloss with a commercial grade 3-coat system. It looks marvelous and will provide a very durable wall surface. JTEL greatly appreciates this wonderful holiday gift.

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GivingTuesday: Bibliophilia

For those of you who are on Facebook, there is one thing you can do for the JTEL that could bring us needed funds—like and share the story Bibliophilia, about why I chose to donate a significant amount from my 2016 Pick.Click.Give. funds to the Ester library. If enough people like and share the story by December 31st, we have a chance at receiving a grant of anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000, funds that could rapidly get us much farther along the way to completing the cabin remodel. So, please spread the word! Thank you!

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Collections and inventory November 2016

This month, we received two donations of books on Alaska, dramatically increasing the size of our Alaskana collection because most of the titles were new to us. From Robert Barr, we received a box of books on Southcentral and Southeast Alaska, and from a woman named Patricia we received many old hardcover Alaskana and gold rush classics, both fiction and nonfiction. Several more from the Helfferich family collection were also added. We are expecting more Alaskana to come our way this upcoming month courtesy Eva Anderson, who first sent us a list of titles, only three of which we already had. To all of you: thank you very much for your generosity. Our library collections are the better for it.

We added to our German language titles at the beginning of November, mostly mysteries but one famous novel concerning the Holocaust, Der Vorleser (The Reader), plus a few (English language) science fiction and alternative history titles. We received a biography of Joseph McCarthy and a history of the Mob in New York. Science titles included books on lead poisoning, geological disasters, cats, climate change, and Jungian psychology. There were also many mysteries donated. As to literature, we now have an additional Alice Hoffman title and a popular Japanese author, Haruki Murakami, in translation. We’ve also filled a few gaps in our history and politics section with books on Israel and Palestine, the War on Terror, the history of Paris, and a history on American pop music by Nick Hornby, Songbook.

The total added to the online catalog was 71 titles, again not very many but more than last month. This brings the total in the catalog to 7,436 items.

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GivingTuesday: Please Give and Do Good

gt-heartWell, the day has arrived: #GivingTuesday is here! All over, people are giving to their favorite charities in the hope of improving their little nook of the world, and the power of these multitudes working together to improve the lot of others and themselves cannot be underestimated. Here in Ester, we’ve given you many choices and reasons to give or pledge a little time, money, or goods that will help your local community library—enabling the JTEL to improve the intellectual resources available to the village and its environs. Here’s one last way to participate: give your voice to the community. Participate, speak out, make suggestions, commit random acts of kindness, join a community organization, stand up for what you believe in, feed a friend, get political, help a stranger, meet your neighbor, deliver a gift, mail a letter, pay it forward. A strong community is one in which people give back and speak out. Come join us, and do well by doing good!

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Pie Throwdown Cookbooks for Sale!!


Just in time for the holidays—the cookbooks featuring many of the yummy, mouth-watering pies featured at the last several LiBerry Music Festivals are on sale now.  This is the 2nd edition, featuring 72 pages in a loose-leaf binder, which allow you to buy all of the best recipes up through 2016, for only $30 plus $7 if you want us to ship it to you.  Because of the loose-leaf format, additional years’ recipes can be added at any time, plus it will lay flat on a counter while making your pies!

If you’ve previously bought the 1st edition (the basic book), you may purchase the 2013, 2014-2015 and 2016 recipe sets (28 additional pages) for only $10 plus $7 shipping.

You can see more information about the pies featured right here.

Unfortunately, we’re not set up for online payment yet (coming soon) so please print out this cookbook-order-form and send it in!

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GivingTuesday: Check Out A Book

gt-heartThis #GivingTuesday, come to the library! Browse our shelves and find something you like, sign up to be a member if you aren’t one already, and check out a book! There are card pockets with cards in each item, and a jar with pens by the door. The JTEL is in the ground floor of the red-and-white two-storey building on Ester’s village square, 3618 Main Street. We have books for kids and grownups both, plus a few movies, too. There’s a step stool so you can reach the higher shelves if need be. There are a couple of donation jars on the shelves and by the door, so if you would like to drop off your small change or a few dollars, there’s a place for that, too (every little bit helps!).

PS: You could come by before Tuesday if you want. The JTEL is a self-serve library, open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. We’d love to have you there—but don’t forget to turn out the lights as you go (the light switch is on the left next to the door). Thank you!

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Used books, just in time for the holidays!

JTEL was the only non-borough library represented at the annual Noel Wein Library Used Book Consortium held Saturday, November 26, 2016.  Although there were thousands of used library books on all manner of subjects, we had the very first table next to the entrance, and saw a steady stream of customers throughout the day.  We even sold a few Pie Throwdown Cookbooks and gained one more member!

Thanks to board members Gary Pohl for getting the sauna/storage open and loading up books, Mindy Gallagher for delivering display items to our table, James Rogan for setting up the table, and Syrilyn Tong for staffing the table and delivering books.  A special thanks goes out to our two volunteer members who helped staff the sale table: Pat Turner and Deirdre Helferich.  And a very special thanks to Judie Triplehorn, who coordinated the event and donated 4 boxes of used books to be sold at the sale.  Without you, we couldn’t have made this happen.  THANKS!

Board president Syrilyn Tong and JTEL volunteer Deirdre Helferich staff the sale table at the consortium book sale

Board president Syrilyn Tong and JTEL volunteer Deirdre Helfferich staff the sale table at the consortium book sale. Photo by Marie Angaiak.

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