Online Catalog

The John Trigg Ester Library’s catalog is available on line! Items may be tagged to be sorted into collections, or put in folders. The Calypso Resource Library and the JTEL currently share their online catalog but separate them by collection. (See more information below.) The librarians are adding more titles as time goes on. For monthly progress updates on inventory entries to the online catalog, see the Collections page.

  • The easiest way to find a book is through TinyCat, our library catalog. Simply click on the link and search for the title, author, or subject that interests you.
  • For more detail, go to JTEL’s full online catalog with LibraryThing, presorted by collection folder at the upper left for JTEL (sort term “Your library”)
  • If you wish to donate a title, see JTEL’s wishlist as shown on LibraryThing (use collection sort term “Wishlist”)
  • Calypso Resource Library at LibraryThing (use collection sort term “Calypso Resource Library”)
  • Collection tags within JTEL’s catalog: aside from topic tags to help patrons find items by subject more easily, we also have several tags that identify the donor of the item. To date, these include Bowling, Guinn, Helfferich, Koponen, Mull, and Trigg.

The John Trigg Ester Library uses to organize its titles. We also use TinyCat, made by LibraryThing, to handle circulation features such as checkout and holds and other normal library functions. TinyCat is especially made for very small libraries, under 20,000 titles, which we certainly qualify as. We are testing it now and the board will decide whether to use it on a permanent basis.

The advantages of having our catalog on line are:

  • any patron anywhere, whether a member of the JTEL or a browser, may see if we have a particular title
  • a JTEL librarian can export the entire catalog into other, standard formats (Excel, JSON, tab-delimited text, or MARC data)
  • likewise, data can be imported from other catalogs (Universal Import, Shelfari, Goodreads, MARC)
  • through TinyCat, patrons and JTEL librarians alike may determine with ease whether a book is available or on hold, request that it be held for renewal, or renew it
  • we use simplified Library of Congress cataloging language as our subjects, where possible, in the tags section

Note that you can also search by tag, author, key word in the title/ISBN field, Library of Congress number, or any of 1,077 source libraries.

Sections in the library:

  • Audiobooks (all categories)
  • Audio–Music (recordings & videos)
  • Books–Comic strips, illustrated novels, art
  • Books–Fiction/Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction
  • Books–General Fiction/Literature
  • Books–Fiction/Mystery, Suspense, Thriller
  • Books–Fiction/Frontier Literature: Outbacks, Westerns, Northerns, Maritime Adventure, Historical Swashbuckle, etc.
  • Books–Criticism & Review: Film and Video
  • Books–Criticism & Review: Literature
  • Books–Metaphysics, Philosophy, and Religion
  • Books–Music (sheet music, history, biography, instructional, instrument repair)
  • Books–Drama & Poetry, and Mythology
  • Books–General Nonfiction
  • Books–Nonfiction: Alaska and the Circumpolar Regions
  • Books–Nonfiction: Biography/Memoir
  • Books–Nonfiction: History & Politics
  • Books–Nonfiction: Economics
  • Books–Nonfiction: Natural History/Physics/Science/Technology
  • Books–Reference
  • Books–Young Readers
  • Puzzles–jigsaw puzzles
  • Videos & CDs–fiction and animated
  • Videos & CDs–nonfiction

(note: videos are arranged alphabetically by title, reference books by subject, all others alphabetically by author)

Each item has a card in a card pocket attached, usually on the front inside cover.

The Ester library features many books that have been banned or have suffered attempts at banning in libraries and schools. Ideas are revolutionary things and upset the status quo, expand the minds of their thinkers, and generally cause a ruckus. The librarians feel that this is a good thing.

Calypso Farm & Ecology Center Resource Library:

Many gardening, homesteading, horticulture, animal husbandry manuals, and ecology books and the like are located at Calypso Farm’s resource library. (Note that the JTEL has a separate but similar collection, associated with the Growing Ester’s Biodiversity program, that focuses on biodiversity, seeds, sustainability, agricultural evolution, and policy.) When the new library is built, we will have a rotating shelf that will help each library share its titles with patrons at each location.