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July Board Meeting

July 6, 2016 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Call to order: 6:50 p.m.

Members present: Gary Pohl, Monique Musick, Mindy Gallagher, James Rogan, Syrilyn Tong, Deirdre Helfferich

Approval of old minutes- Motion to adopt- Gary. Second- Monique. All approve

Approval of Agenda – Adopt: Monique. Second:Gary. All approve

Finance Committee Report

Committee Update – written report, finance reports
Reviewed/discussed by board

  1. Gary donated a check toward general funds.
  2. Total garage sale revenue $179 (including two memberships)
  3. Signers at Denali AK FCU and Mt. McKinley Bank
  •          Amanda filed and submitted IDs at both banks
  •          Amanda has a safety deposit box key
  •          Other key in secure storage

CRS 2016 Completion Budget

Board reviewed expense report. Motion – Approve CRS expense report- Monique. Second – ST. All Approved

Membership roster – Start from October 2015 – update from there

New Passive House paperwork – Gary will take the Notice of Right to Lien and file copy with Stantec records

Grants Committee Report

  1. Grants Committee Update
    Grant spending update- Deirdre $62,257.81 remaining
    New bill from Stantec- $362.25

    Committee has not met re grant applications etc. but busy on phase one

  2. Update: Phase 1 Project Status

    Contractor is working on utilidor project at Eielson
    Have entered necessary submittals
    Still need to submit Schedule of Values and Project Schedule
    Working to pinpoint date

  3. Project record keeping
  4. Groundbreaking and schedule: Week of July 25
  5. Coordinate with the Tape and Tarp – make both a bigger party!
    Suggested date June 30 – potential conflict with Anderson Music Festival
  6. Coordinate marketing

    James- suggest notifying insurance that construction will begin

Facilities Committee Report

Clausen Cabin Update:

  1. Not much change since last board meeting
  2. Need electrical finished before other projects
  3. Need to hire an electrician – prioritize projects that require an electrician
  4. Andrew Hunt’s original estimate was 50-hrs. at $65 for ~$3250
    We have electrical drawings – procurement policy suggest 3 estimates and determine availability
  5. Contact Behr Electric for another estimate
  6. Lets get going with the process
  7. Gary can contact Darshan, discuss plans etc.


Work Completed since last board meeting:

  1. Items hauled to garage sale
  2. Joe Geiss and Jimmy Miller cleaned up “Anscar’s yard” before the Fourth of July

Next Steps:

  1. Balance of electrical: Need a new electrician
  2. Secure new floor beams in place and adjust post bases
  3. Build out new office and bathroom
  4. Relocate Monitor stove and fuel tank
  5. Handicapped ramp
  6. Insulate under floor
  7. Removal and sale of wood cook stove
  8. Demo and reconfigure kitchen area


Call for Volunteers: All of the next steps will require volunteers with appropriate skills and tools for the respective tasks.

Prioritize pre-winter projects: heat, moving fuel, foaming door

Monique will breech fuel tank moving with Scott and others

Deirdre can paint back door to match front

Collections  Report



Grabbed three loads from the Chris Guinn collection – there are still a bunch at his house, will we be taking them all? When?
Most books are good/excellent quality or salable
Need to coordinate another load – James will ask when

Other Business

  1. Fund raising events:
    • Tape and Tarp at Malemute
      Include the ground breaking
      6:30 groundbreaking
      Deirdre – will come up with invitations for special guests
      Monique will coordinate “groundbreaking” event
      7 – 10 Tape and Tarp
      Music – Skidmarks? Cotton Ginny? Others?
      Costumes (prizes)
      Suggested donation $15 – $10 in costume
      Items for raffle/auction – tickets/brown bags
      Let’s meet to finalize –  July 13 – 6:45
    • Sale of tub and woodstove
      Mo will follow up on sell sheet
    • LiBerry Music Festival
  2. Other Items
  • board email addresses
    Bluehost has emails – for generic use
    Send login info via email
  • bulletin board at post office/ poster needed
    Deirdre drafted a poster – received some feedback
    Will update and modify
    Will move JTEL goals to the post office board
  • TinyCat

Program created by Librarything – simplified library software
Track circulation, availability, book requests
We have 6,800+ books entered in our catalog
Tinycat limits at 20,000 items
Data can be exported when larger collections needs exist
We have it free currently
Beginning July 1 it would cost $10 a month

Deirdre will e-mail us information on reviewing the interface

Next meeting August 3





July 6, 2016
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
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