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Board Meeting

June 8, 2016 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Call to order 6:40

Members present: Amanda Bent, Monique Musick, Mindy Gallagher, Gary Pohl, Jasmine Stokes, Deirdre Helfferich


Monique motion to adopt, Gary second, all approved

Minutes from May 11

Gary Motion to Approve, Amanda second, all approved


Mindy: Take the extra books to the EVFD garage sale

Second: Monique Musick, all approved

Garage sale on June 11 for the fire department better then our own on June 18


Finance Committee

  1.        (Written minutes attached)
  2.        $670.00 to leveling project
  3.  Need to spend remaining $2,100

Current balances:


  1. 17,516.86  savings
  2. 1,280.08 checking

Passive Haus

  1. $37, 827.64
  2. 2133.46 checking

Need additional access to the McKinley safe deposit box – new contract will go there

Bill from Stantec $3,547.25, tTo be paid from Passive Haus account

SBS $41.67 in account

Northland Woods account – Mindy has the account number for accessing balance


Grants Committee


Committee hasn’t met, but huge progress with Phase One

Update: Phase 1 Project Procurement

  1. Bids Received: May 24, 2016
  2. E-mail vote to approve award to Trost Construction
  3. Contract execution by JTEL, signing of document

ACTION: Signed by Amanda and Monique

  1. Project record keeping – contract, bonds, application

There are going to be a lot of records. Stantec will have a copy of everything, State of Alaska (granting organization) will need some of this, but not everything for our reimbursement grant

ACTION: Gary submitted documents, will be scanned and originals put into our safety deposit box

Trost needs to submit Project Schedule and Schedule of values before filing for any payment

  1. Groundbreaking and schedule

Agreed to a completion date of October 1

The dirt subcontractor doesn’t want to start until July

That gives us three weeks for planning a groundbreaking celebration.

If the total project comes in under the amount we have in state funding then we will apply to additional funds.


Web page- All minutes and agendas can go onto events for meetings. We can create old events to tidy up the web


Clausen Cabin Update – Work Completed to Date:

  1. Demolition of bathroom
  2. New framing (huge thanks to Eric Glos!)

Work still needed:

  1. Electrical work
  2. Leveling the cabin
  3. New floor supports at stack areas
  4. Build out new office and bathroom

Next Steps: Removal and sale of wood cook stove

ACTION: Monique will photograph the stove and prepare a sale sheet  – offer locally first, list price $5,500

  1. Relocate Monitor stove and fuel tank
  2. Handicapped ramp
  3. Demo and reconfigure kitchen area
  4. Call for Volunteers: All of the next steps will require volunteers with appropriate skills and tools for the respective tasks.
  5. Sale of assets (e.g. cook stove, et al)

ACTION: Bring all that’s possible down to the garage sale, do all possible to clean out cabin – everything we aren’t going to use needs to go


  1. Tape and Tarp at Malemute Saloon – pending opening dates and staffing
  2. LiBerry–August 27

ACTION: Amanda will work on booking, sound, music etc. for the events, Monique will work on the marketing and communications, need Volunteer coordinator

Amanda- thinking about a pool tournament fundraiser

  1. Readers on the Run – Sunday, October 2


Other items:

Mindy – floor insulation is no longer on the list.

Gary- ultimately it needs to be done, maybe not this year

Amanda – look into spray insulation, new vendor was good price


Deirdre – more than 6,000 books logged into catalog. Has been writing reports and posting to the blog. Multiple people approaching her about donating books.  Chris Guinn has books he’d donate, could be used as sale items, but they need picked up. Regular book sales could be a revenue source. Problem right now is that we don’t have space or storage.

Could have a regular table at the Ester Market.

Librarything has released tinycat – library software, JTEL is in the up to 20,000 category, we are in the system already, it would provide circulation system, tracking etc. for a monthly fee

Future idea: have a library card scan lock access system, it allows us to lock the building with member access only—encourage people to renew membership regularly

Next meeting: July 6

Adjourn 8:01


June 8, 2016
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
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Mindy Gallagher


Clausen Cabin
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