“You can’t make footprints in the sands of time by sitting on your butt. And who wants to leave buttprints in the sands of time?”
~Bob Moawad

The Ester library is an all-volunteer, community-based membership organization. There is something for everyone at the library; each task is as important as the next—they’ve all got to get done. Your time and skills are appreciated!

You can:

Recent volunteers (not including the board) have included:

  • Scott Allen
  • Brian & Gail Feeney
  • Ginny Gallagher
  • Eric Glos
  • Carla Helfferich
  • Deirdre Helfferich
  • Jeanne Laurencelle
  • Joshua Miller
  • Hans Mölders
  • Pat Mowry
  • Mike Musick
  • Barbara O’Donnell, Grants Committee member
  • Ruth Rutherford, Garden Group member
  • Greg Selid
  • Cat Stephenson
  • Pat Turner

Here are some examples of work that needs to be done:


  • shelving items
  • entering items into the online catalog
  • tidying the library; emptying trash
  • sorting book donations
  • helping load/unload item donations


  • Help maintain the library
  • Help maintain our gardens & grounds
  • Construction assistance


  • Researching costs of goods; obtaining quotes
  • budgeting, financial planning, internal audits
  • paying bills
  • financial reporting, financial policy development



  • seeking grants for the new library on Village Road
  • seeking grants for the Clausen Cabin
  • seeking grants for the endowment
  • seeking grants for operations
  • managing grants
  • grantwriting & editing