Bookshelf Dedications

A good library will never be too neat, or too dusty, because somebody will always be in it, taking books off the shelves and staying up late reading them.
~Lemony Snicket

Th’ first thing to have in a libry is a shelf.
Fr’m time to time this can be decorated with lithrachure.
But th’ shelf is th’ main thing.
~Finley Peter Dunne

As part of our capital campaign, you can help the library by dedicating a bookshelf to someone you love and/or admire. For $50, a name plate will be engraved and placed on a bookshelf in the area of your choice, and a notification slip sent to the recipient, if you wish (please include their address). Checks should be made to JTEL. Donations to the library may be tax deductible, as the JTEL is a 501(c)(3) public charity.

The Ester library has 16 bookcases ready for installation in the new building. Some of these will be used in the Clausen Cabin, early on before the JTEL is finished, but the funds from the bookplates reserved can help us get there. Each bookplate dedicated can help buy the materials needed to build the library to house the bookcases in! Please help us raise funds for construction and honor those you care about in perpetuity. We have a total of 256 shelves to dedicate, with 189 to go!

Sixty-seven shelves have been dedicated so far for:

$50 each

  • Chris Barefoot (Alaska geography or river travel)
  • Marita & Matt Bunch of Water Wagon (any section)
  • Mary & Rufus Bunch of Water Wagon (any section)
  • Amy Elizabeth Cameron (anthropology, art, or gardening)
  • Nancy Burnham & Don Cameron (art)
  • Luciana Orsini Clow (children’s)
  • April Evalyn Crosby (environmental policy)
  • April Evalyn Crosby (philosophy)
  • Louis Thomas Day (woodworking)
  • The Ester Republic (Alaska nonfiction)
  • Fá Ir (Islamic studies)
  • Brian & Gail Feeney (mystery)
  • Rebecca Finner (science fiction)
  • Cole Goodhand (1983–2000) (any)
  • David Guttenberg (any)
  • Ofi & Lily Guttenberg (children’s)
  • Carla Anne Ostergren Helfferich (mystery)
  • Deirdre Alida Helfferich (science fiction)
  • Merritt Helfferich & April Crosby (any section)
  • Merritt Randolph Helfferich (Alaska nonfiction)
  • Tryntje Bronwyn Helfferich (history)
  • Oskar LaFontaine (pets)
  • in memory of Virginia Merritt Helfferich (literature)
  • in memory of Jean & Harry Crosby (reference)
  • in memory of Steven Sean Miller (poetry)
  • in memory of Lois Sala (art)
  • Caghin Micah McCoy (any section)
  • C. Peter McRoy (marine science)
  • Hans Mölders (German language or history)
  • Roger Moore (Alaska nonfiction)
  • Musical Rumors (music)
  • the Musick family (Alaska)
  • Music Mart & Studios (music)
  • Amber Musselman (biology or wildlife biology)
  • Barack Obama (any section)
  • Carly Rose Patton (any section)
  • Persimmon (gardening, grieving, land, or pets)
  • Joanna D. Phillips (mystery)
  • Megan Phillips (children’s)
  • John David “JD” Ragan (history)
  • Rugged Rose Repair (home maintenance)
  • Honorah “Honey” Hope Helfferich Seidler (art)
  • Sharik (food)
  • Mike & Margaret Simmons (the smart one)
  • Jamie Smith (cartooning/graphic novels)
  • Nancy Smoyer (history or nonfiction)
  • Judy Stauffer (gardening)
  • Sundown Stauffer (American history)
  • Toklas (gardening, grieving, land, or pets)
  • Alpha O. Trigg (gardening)
  • Debbie & Eldon Wartes of Water Wagon (any section)
  • Denise & Mark Wartes of Water Wagon (any section)
  • Erin & Marwan Wartes of Water Wagon (any section)
  • Richard & Carol Wells (travel)
  • Robin & Erik Wennen of Water Wagon (any section)

$100 (two shelves)

  • Ansgar & Ida Lane Clausen (mining, local history, art, or Damn Nice People section)
  • Kimberly Cornwall (poetry)
  • Lady Ellen Germond (medicine)
  • Diane R. Smith (literature)

$200 (four shelves)

  • Kim Cornwall (poetry)