Progress on new library’s Phase 1

Tuesday morning, May 10th at 10 in the morning, the JTEL held a non-mandatory pre-bid conference for contractors and subcontractors interested in possibly working on the first stage of the new building, the thermal storage tank. Representing the library were Gary Pohl and Deirdre Helfferich (and large dog Oskar); ten or eleven area builders showed up and, after a few questions, we all went for a walk in the crisp early sunshine to see the land at 488 Village Road. Pohl will be posting an addendum in response to the questions; for more on the plans for Phase 1, photos, the addenda, instructions, and more, please see our Bid Documents tab.

About dhelfferich

Ms. Helfferich is the founder of the JTEL and has served in many capacities with the library, among them board president, board vice president, capital grants manager, grant writer, fundraiser, events organizer, director of the Growing Ester's Biodiversity program, website manager, and collections volunteer.
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