Previous races

Readers on the Run had been going since 2008, but has always coursed the same route (left, left, left, left, left, and then a right to the bar and/or library for prizes, beverages, and burgers afterward). The race has had people come from as far away as Manley to participate.


brains: Nannette Rouleau
costume judge: Jasmine Stokes
poetry judge: Judy “Tinker” Davisp
poster design: Deirdre Helfferich, Ester Designworks
ringmaster/timekeeper: “Captain” Edward Rouleau
zombie lurch mob: Oliver Rogers
volunteers: David, Justin Greenhaw, Carla Helfferich, Deirdre Helfferich, Connie Huffman, Varpu Lotvonen, Hans Mölders, Molly Rettig, Trey Simmons, Judy Stauffer

2014 Results

Most Creative Costume/Overall Best Costume: Dana Fjare and Dashiel Feierabend
Best Team Costume: Chris Campbell, Christie Shell, Soula & Django Gianakopoulos
Best/Only Zombie Costume: Oliver Rogers
Best Poem: Aidan Earnest
Best Poem, Second Place: Jeff Rogers
Best Poem, Third Place: Vanessa Stevens
Fastest Time, Female: Dana Fjare (27:35)
2nd Place Time, Female: Vanessa Stevens (45:03)
3rd Place Time, Female: Christie Shell (1:05:49)
Fastest Time, Male: Aidan Earnest (22:15)
2nd Place Time, Male: Nolan Earnest (22:34)
3rd Place Time, Male: Stanley Rogers (25:33)
Red Lantern: Christie Shell/Chris Campbell group (1:05:49)

Other times:

(27:00) Jeff Rogers
(27:35) Dashiel Feierabend
(30:03) Roy Earnest
(31:02) Don Kiely
(33:18) John Mayer
(33:18) Jay Mayer
(38:35) Joe Taylor
(38:35) Glenn Taylor
(45:20) RJ Stevens


logo & bandana design: Amy Cameron of Bad White Dog
costume judge: Corey DiRutigliano
poetry judges: Sean Hill, ? ? Deirdre Helfferich

2013’s sponsors included Beaver Sports, the Blue LoonGoldstream Sports, Rosie Creek Farm, and Taylor’s Gold-n-Stones. Check out photos from 2012 here!


Ian Herriot dressed as a gold miner / Felix Pedro was one of our prize winners, and the group prize went to the foxes, including Lauren and her child and Lisa Baraff. Judge “Bribe Me” Corey DiRutigliano literally shone in his gold pants and braid (but he didn’t get a prize).


There were five winners in the poetry contest. Judges included Jonathan Britton, Deirdre Helfferich, Jackie Stormer, and guest judge UAF visiting professor Sean Hill. The winners were:

#1, by runner 3577, Cathy Walker

#2, by runner 257, Kaithryn Ott (a.k.a. the Freudian Slip)

#3,  by runner 116, RJ Stevens (a.k.a. Superman)
inspecting fall
with trees
from four years ago
my love


#4, by runner 119, Darcy Misel

#5, by runner 259, Vanessa Stevens (a.k.a. the Green Lantern)


logo design: Monique Musick
costume judge:
poetry judge:


logo & shirt design: Deirdre Helfferich of Ester Designworks
costume judge:
poetry judge:


logo & shirt design: Amy Cameron of Bad White Dog
costume judge:
poetry judge:


logo & shirt design: Inari Kylänen of Wrestling Fox
costume judge: Jenny Schlofeldt
poetry judge: Deirdre Helfferich
volunteers: Jeff Rogers, Ed Rouleau

Best/Only Bribe: Mary Via
Best Costume: Lisa Baraff as Marge Simpson (a bridesmaid in Runaway Bridal Party)
Honorable Mention for Best Group Costume: Runaway Bridal Party
Best Poem: Mary Via
Most Improved Time: Stanley Rogers


logo & shirt design: Dan Darrow
costume judge:
poetry judge: Marjorie Kowalski Cole