Previous races

Readers on the Run has been going since 2008, but has always coursed the same route (left, left, left, left, left, and then a right to the bar and/or library for prizes, beverages, and burgers afterward). The race has had people come from as far away as Manley to participate.



brains: Nannette Rouleau
costume judge: Jasmine Stokes
poetry judge: Judy “Tinker” Davisp
poster design: Deirdre Helfferich, Ester Designworks
ringmaster/timekeeper: “Captain” Edward Rouleau
zombie lurch mob: Oliver Rogers
volunteers: David, Justin Greenhaw, Carla Helfferich, Deirdre Helfferich, Connie Huffman, Varpu Lotvonen, Hans Mölders, Molly Rettig, Trey Simmons, Judy Stauffer


logo & bandana design: Amy Cameron of Bad White Dog
costume judge: Corey DiRutigliano
poetry judges: Sean Hill, ? ? Deirdre Helfferich


logo design: Monique Musick
costume judge:
poetry judge:


logo & shirt design: Deirdre Helfferich of Ester Designworks
costume judge:
poetry judge:


logo & shirt design: Amy Cameron of Bad White Dog
costume judge:
poetry judge:


logo & shirt design: Inari Kylänen of Wrestling Fox
costume judge: Jenny Schlofeldt
poetry judge: Deirdre Helfferich
volunteers: Jeff Rogers, Ed Rouleau

Best/Only Bribe: Mary Via
Best Costume: Lisa Baraff as Marge Simpson (a bridesmaid in Runaway Bridal Party)
Honorable Mention for Best Group Costume: Runaway Bridal Party
Best Poem: Mary Via
Most Improved Time: Stanley Rogers


logo & shirt design: Dan Darrow
costume judge:
poetry judge: Marjorie Kowalski Cole