Pie Throwdown

Grand prize winners from the 2012 LiBerry Pie Throwdown.

Grand prize winners from the 2012 LiBerry Pie Throwdown. Photo by Monique Musick.

This oh-so-delicious part of the LiBerry Music Festival celebrates the annual berry bounty to be found in the Alaska Interior. All proceeds go to benefit the library. Test your pie-making skills to the sound of great music!

Don’t want to compete? Bring your pie to the Golden Eagle Saloon between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. to be served during the music performances. For more information contact momusick@hotmail.com.


1. Pies must include berries, and be home-made (no store-bought!) Berries may be those traditionally thought of as berries or any by the strict botanical definition (see example list on the JTEL blog). Savory or sweet pies accepted. Cheesecakes (so long as they are cheesy and not cakey) and quiches qualify as cheese pies.

2. There is no entry fee per pie. Multiple pie submissions by the same cook are perfectly fine.

3. Judges may be bribeable, but no guarantees. Cash bribes will be donated to the library (but you earn brownie points for those!).

4. Bring pies to the Clausen Cabin between 2 p.m. and 4:00pm and register your entry. Please bring your recipe for inclusion in the JTEL’s Throwdown Cookbook. (Original or adapted recipes only, please. For more details, see the Throwdown Cookbook page.)

5. Award categories will be determined by the judges at the time of the contest, but usually include sweet, savory, unusual, and best overall. Winners will be judged at 4:00 PM and announced at the music festival, and fabulous prizes (of course) awarded. The top winning entries will be auctioned off to the audience at a minimum opening bid of $30–$50 each. Pies have gone for as little as $30 and as much as $420.

6. Leftover slices from the remaining pies will be offered up to the audience for donation; we are requesting a minimum $5 per slice (trust us, every mouthful will be well worth it!).

Contact the pie contest coordinator for more information at 374-8080.