Workshops and lectures

JTEL Lectures

  • The Independent Gardener: What are seed libraries and why are they important?“(March 18, 2014). A talk at the annual seed swap of the Alaska Permaculture Guild in Anchorage, Alaska, by Deirdre Helfferich, director of Growing Ester’s Biodiversity.
  • The Seed of Rebellion: Who Controls Your Garden?” (May 22, 2013). A talk by Deirdre Helfferich for the JTEL lecture series in Ester, Alaska.
  • Cultivating Biodiversity in a Farm Ecosystem” (May 16, 2012). Lecture by Susan Willsrud of Calypso Farm & Ecology Center for the JTEL lecture series in Ester, Alaska.
  • Seed Libraries in America: Examples of a new phenomenon” (March 2012). Presentation at the Sustainable Agriculture Conference, Fairbanks, Alaska, by Deirdre Helfferich on behalf of the UAF School of Natural Resources & Agricultural Sciences and the JTEL, Growing Ester’s Biodiversity.

JTEL Workshops

  • How to Save Seeds from Your Favorite Tomato! (Sept. 27, 2014, Sept. 14, 2013)
    Partial list of cultivars brought by participants in the workshop: Aurora, Black Cherry, Black Krim, Black from Tulah, Black Sea, Cosmonaut Volcov, Druzba, Martino’s Roma, red currant (S. pimpinellifolium), Samara, Small Block, Sun Gold [note: hybrid], Whippersnapper, Wild Cherry.

Other Resources on Seedsaving

Mother Earth News has several articles available for reprint on the topic of seed saving, plant selection, and variety development:

Organics for All ( has general information pages on vegetable families and seed saving and growing requirements for each.

The Seed Site has information on seed and seed pod types, seed harvesting, seed sowing, germination, seedlings, plant profiles, and more.

J.L. Hudson Public Access Seed Bank: a tremendous resource for seeds and information.