Seeds in Alaska

resources for farmers and gardeners on seeds, focusing on Alaska-specifc information


Alaska Native Plant Society seed exchange program

The Alaska Native Plant Society sells seed of plants native to Alaska which have been collected by members during the year. Seeds can be purchased at the regular monthly meetings or by mail order. The Society is is a non-profit organization based in Anchorage and dedicated to studying and conserving Alaska native plants.

Alaska Plant Materials Center

The Northern Latitude Plant Materials Center (PMC) provides testing, production, development, and distribution of materials to meet environmental requirements and promote commercial development of native species. The PMC’s mission is to develop and transfer state-of-the-art plant science technology to support the Alaskan agriculture industry. Their webiste includes several useful resources, including:

Alaska Seed Growers Association

This association provides inspection services for grains, grasses, and seed potatoes. They may be contacted through Pat Mulligan, PO Box 2029, Palmer, AK  99645, (907) 745-4004.

Arctic & Subarctic Plant Gene Bank, Palmer, Alaska

The Alaska Agricultural Research Service closed in 2012; the Gene Bank in Palmer has transferred its collections to the Agricultural & Forestry Experiment Station’s Plant Materials Center, the USDA-ARS Repository in Corvallis, Oregon, and other locations. The rhubarb collection has reverted to the ARS facility in Pullman, Washington. All ARS plant accessions available to the public can be located through the USDA-ARS National Plant Germplasm page at:


Seed Libraries & Seed Banks

Seedsellers & Seed Growers (includes trialers, but not mere Lower 48 distributors)

  • Foundroot Seeds, Sundries, and Sustenance: seed company in Haines sourcing open-pollinated seeds and working toward eventual seed growing.
  • Zone 1 Grown Seeds / Pingo Farm: seed company and farm in the Goldstream Valley outside of Fairbanks growing seed and certified potatoes. Specializes in Russian heirlooms. Also heads up the Great Alaska Participatory Turnip Breeding Project and is working on melons. 479-7977. 999 Maura Street, Fairbanks AK 99709.

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