How to add books to the online catalog

JTEL welcomes volunteers to help set up our collections.  You can participate by setting up books for check-out, shelving, packing books for storage, picking up book donations, or helping at book sales.  Let us know how you would like to help by contacting us at, or by attending an advertised work party. We will train you and help you get started.

To enter an item on our online catalog, first check that we do not have it already.

Go to  At training, you will be given the username and password.

  1. Go to the tab labeled “Your Books”.
  2. On the upper left hand is a folder “All collections”.  Click the drop-down menu and choose “Your Library”.
  3. On the upper right hand side of the catalog will be two search spaces.  The top one is “search site” Don’t search here – it lists all books cataloged in LibraryThing
  4. The lower search space has a drop-down menu – click on the arrow and select title/author. Type in the title or the author, and click Search.
  5. The site will reply whether we have the item, or another LibraryThing user has it.

If we already have the book in our online catalog, place the book in the Duplicate Book box and a librarian will decide whether to keep the book or sell it.

If we don’t have it, you will add it to the catalog:

  1. Go to the tab at the top labeled “Add Books”.
  2. Enter the ISBN or the title of the book you are looking for.
  3. Choose and click on the edition and binding of the item, or you can click on “show quick edit” to just add tags. If too many options come up, you may have to search again with additional limiting terms.
  4. If the correct book is not listed in the online catalog, scroll down to “Other Options” at the bottom of the page, click on “Add Manually”.  This will bring up a screen where you can add name, author, hard or soft cover, and tags, then click “save” at the bottom.
  5. Tags are used to help clients find books by subject — add them until you feel comfortable with amount of detail: fiction, nonfiction, Alaska, young readers, collection, etc. We have a list at the cabin for the most common tags, to guide you.
  6. Go back and check the LibraryThing entry you just created, look for any incorrect or missing information (such as a truncated title or no illustrator listed). Add this information by clicking “edit” or the pencil icon. Covers are frequently missing, and we use a default image in such cases, but you can search for the correct cover for your edition also.

Preparing an item for check-out:

If the item doesn’t have a card pocket, stamp a blank pocket identifying the item as belonging to JTEL. Affix card pocket on the front or back inside cover, unless an illustration would be covered by it, in which case find a place near the front or back that is blank or otherwise unimportant, such as a review or advertisement. Don’t cover bibliographic information.

Fill out a card (author or editor with last name first, title, and section abbreviation) for the item. Note the section the book belongs to in the upper right hand corner (F for fiction, YR for Young Readers, etc., see current list at the cabin), and make a small colored dot by the section identifier to show that the book has been entered into the online catalog.

If a book appears to be rare or an antique, DO NOT PUT A CARD POCKET IN IT. This will damage the book. These items will become part of our rare books collection and won’t be available for check-out.

You’re done! Books may be placed in a labeled box or on a cart for shelving, or can be shelved, alphabetically by author, in the appropriate section.

Finally, explore! have fun with Common Knowledge, Legacy Libraries, and other features. Getting familiar with LibraryThing will help you with your training.