The John Trigg Ester Library is a do-it-yourself kind of library, safe for technophobes who yearn for the days of library cards. Guess what? We’ve got card pockets with good old-fashioned library cards in every book. No electricity or beeping gizmos required! (And no electronic records for the NSA snoops to peer at over your shoulder while you’re reading!)

To check out a book, take the library card out of the pocket of the book you want, write your name and the date on it, and put the card in the box for the purpose on the shelf by the door. The cards are arranged by last name of author (this makes it easier for you or the library volunteers to find when you bring the book back).

To check out a video or a CD, the procedure is the same. Movies and documentaries owned by the JTEL have been donated by our members, and, as at public libraries, may not be checked out for copying or public viewing due to copyright restrictions. Library members may, of course, check them out for viewing at home, or, when we establish the means to do it, viewing on a screen at the JTEL.

To check out an audiobook, proceed as with a regular book. The card pocket may be on the front cover, the back cover, or inside, depending on where there was space and where the description of the contents lies.

To check out a jigsaw puzzle, proceed as with a book. The card pocket should be on the top of the puzzle box.

Returning Items
Return all items to the shelf next to the check-out box on the shelf by the door. Please don’t check out items for longer than six months. If the dog ate the book, please replace it with one of equivalent interest or tastiness, in hardback, and–this is important–let the librarians know what happened. Preferably you’ll be able to get the same title, but if not, we’ll understand.

Book Requests
If you would like to have a particular title in the library, please let the librarians know ( or 374-8080). We may be able to get it for the library using the used book credit account at Gulliver’s or, if we receive enough donations, from a new book fund.

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