The John Trigg Ester Library

JTEL Board of Directors Meeting, Sunday, June 12, 2011

JTEL Business Office, the Annex, studio #8, 6 pm


Roll Call

Minutes revision from April 11 combined meeting

Minutes from the May 15 meeting


  • Committee Reports
  • Officers' Reports

Opportunity for Public Comments

Old Business

  • computing sytems update, Q&A
  • donor software
    • computer memory
    • printer?
    • SurveyMonkey
    • ink, paper, other supplies
    • purchases & reimbursements updates
  • design update
  • policies:
    • board conduct
    • business plan
    • marketing & communications plan
    • privacy
    • program development
  • organization goals & objectives
  • community survey
  • proposal to ECA, Calypso, EVFD on grants & cooperation: status update
  • librarian job & duties
  • Friends of JTEL
  • Ester market booth

Opportunity for Public Comments

New Business

  • membership drive
  • membershp benefits & policy, revisited
  • log cabin workshop possibility

Opportunity for Public Comments


  • Gazebo summer series
  • LiBerry Music Festival: August 20 (Major Miner Day) or possible rescheduling, organizing fundraiser

Next meeting: July 13, 2011, JTEL office, 6 pm


Call to order 6:07 p.m.

Attending: Nancy Burnham, Eric Glos, Melinda Harris, Deirdre Hellferich, Monique Musick

Guests: None

Minutes: Need to revise April combined meeting

May 15 minutes- read by Melinda and adopted as amended


Committee Reports

  • Capital campaign- conversing on e-mail will meet soon
  • Construction- needs to meet too

Officers' Reports

President’s Report

  • Filed 7th report with State- $47,066 remain in grant fund
  • $80,000 requested in state budget- no word yet on receipt
  • No word on community revenue funds. Legislature added $20M to the original fund- should have ~$10,000 per Ester group

Non-profit application

  • re-amended Articles of Incorporation, Signed by Sec. and Pres. sent in May 20. Waiting for final from state will send to IRS upon receipt

Facebook 286 fans

3,183 blog visits

Scott Geiger’s May 30 letter-

  • negative, largely erroneous. Wording quite similar to Mark Simpson. Online comments evenly divided- for, against, neutral. Personal feedback- positive and supportive. Some people agree- some disagree. Deirdre wrote a draft point by point response- will share with board. What services could the library possibly serve- good thing to be able to answer! Working on a draft. Needs to be something we are ready to answer easily

Community survey-

  • 84 online, 30 hard copy
  • 4.7% of the population currently; Census population 2422. 30.6% population increase (19% are kids!) Roughly 400 kids

May meeting drafted language for endowment

Coordinated fundraising effort

  • Calypso is interested
  • EVFD will discuss
  • ECA- wasn’t interested? Seem confused about the purpose. ECA Board voted against idea, forgetting that the proposal had been passed by the membership.

Amy will draft up a generic letter of support from ECA for JTEL

Neighborhood to Nation Food Policy Conference

  • DH attended conference
  • Emphasis on community organizing
  • Community services: Providing services to under-served
  • Community relations: Lots of useful information on working with the public
  • DH sent out notes

Program development

  • Make the library more relevant by offering more programs
  • Bring in volunteers, publicity
  • Researching seed library program: Check out seeds; Designated seed savers- not everyone knows what they’re doing. Researching it- funding is available- USDA thinks it’s cool, Pretty cheap to operate. Matt Springer- Grey Owl- interested and willing to donate. Calypso interested in storing seeds and teaching workshops about seed saving. Matt just would like a card catalog- we happen to have an unused one that was donated. How to’s and information are in the program binder. Low investment, Novel program- not at Noel Wein

Vice President’s Report

Worked hard on the stage at the park yesterday. Beautiful, huge new stage. Next Saturday finish it up. Shows that we “play with others.”

Treasurer’s Report

  • $166 deposited
  • Transfered $3500 from saving to checking to cover bills for USKH and insurance
  • Purchased Gift Works
  • One more check to establish endowment
  • $169.44 total donations
  • $1269 checks out
  • $10,253.15 savings
  • $2580.37 checking (before endowment check)
  • $506.65 Gulliver’s credit

Secretary's Report

Nothing to report

Working to coordinate with capital campaign committee to get back on track after a planting season/ early summer break


Computing systems update

  • Ulises has the new computer- will set-up GiftWorks; Can set up a date to work with it
  • Roy brought memory for the mini, Sitting on desk- needs installed
  • Mouse needs batteries
  • Monique will take care of both
  • Need a printer- can we get one donated?

SurveyMonkey- let’s end in July. Monique is paying- will bill upon close

Office supplies needed: Pick them up and get reimbursed

Design update-

  • DH spoke with Gary Pohl, They want to hear from us about any changes needed
  • No one wants to start over
  • We don’t need to be 100% passive hause
  • Gary thinks we’d have to lose the basement
  • Let’s stick with what we have and put a Toyo in as a back-up
  • Let’s get together with the construction committee and make it final
  • Wanted to know what the options are- we have to pay for those numbers
  • Get a major construction meeting scheduled


status updates? Nothing to report on the following:Board conduct; Business/marketing; Privacy; Program

Organization Goals and Objectives

  • Curious that art was highlighted but history and other items were not. Ester mining and history is an important part of what distinguishes us from Noel Wein. Our mining history needs to be a stated part of our goals
  • Monique would be interested in donating a mineral display
  • Deirdre will draft goal focused on Ester history/culture and send to board

Monique: Motion- end survey at the end of July

Nancy: Second

All approve

Library job and duties

Deirdre spoke with Pauline Wilson. Not needed- good example is the part time listing from Noel Wein

Friends of JTEL- Roy absent excused

Ester Market Booth

  • Deirdre paid $10 for library
  • Needs help manning the market booth, Thursday 4:30-7:30; Saturday 11:00-3:00
  • People who are available should do it- not feel obliged to schedule it
  • Saturdays will pick up later in the summer with more vendors
  • Similar set-up to the post office booth- just add t-shirts
  • Will happen when it can happen


Membership drive- Fall is the objective

Membership benefits and policy: Difficult to change- need volunteers to be able to access the list when working as volunteers- needs to be amended and adopted at annual meeting

Log cabin workshop-

  • Wait to see what happens with Into the Woods. Visited five years ago- it’s open to the elements, Dirty, dusty, possibly unusable
  • Eric and Hans and Mike should be along to look
  • Cost of moving and re-assembling
  • Monique is pretty leery

Eric- isn’t really into remodels, Might as well start new. Alaskaland is a fine place but it’s only open in the summer- for a reason. What are we gaining- a cabin- but does it make sense if it costs us. A brand new tight cabin would be rentable, Donated cabin could be used as a summer museum. More interested in spending money on something that will make us money, Not spending money that is going to cost us money

The rental cabin needs to be a new cabin

Just needs to be related income to be legit- caretaker or workers cabin for example

MAAST program-

55 and older folks re-entering workforce needing training, Pays wages- could get paid, older employees- need supervision

Keep it on the radar for the future


Gazebo summer series

  • suggested by Greta in lieu of summer lecture series.
  • Need someone to take lead
  • Wait for next summer so it can get planned right

Library music festival

August 13, 2011: No other scheduling conflicts. Full moon.

  • Ptarmigan, Mike Stackhouse want to play
  • Locations: Eagle and Hartung
  • Post meeting last year- themed Dance Hall/ County Bluegrass, Dance zone- popular music
  • Set ourselves up for success. Let’s be supportive of the Eagle as our community bar. Ask them if they’re available for it- can be the answer of their level of support.
  • Monique will do music
  • Nancy will do pie
  • Al Klek left his PA system- available. Bob and Mel could probably bring their equipment again- Eric will ask
  • Media and publicity- ask Amy if she can do it
  • Deridre can write announcement
  • Monique will ask about both venues and get the ball rolling
  • Need to update our media list: Nancy and Deirdre will work on this


July 9, Saturday- library can have a booth at AYP

Board meetings

Next meeting July 12, 2011- Second Tuesday, 6 p.m.

  • Make meetings the second Tuesday of the month
  • Need a process for people not able to attend a meeting to know what sort of things will be voted on during an upcoming meeting so that a proxy can be meaningful
  • Precise agendas will help
  • Contentious votes and weighty matters might need a couple of days to allow input from all members
  • Voting by e-mail, phone etc may be necessary- not as a formal policy, but as a way of working in general
  • Make sure that everyone has a chance to weigh in on big matters

Language for endowment

Took their boilerplate language and specific questions and fit to us

DH read language

  • Nancy- concerned about it not being our money anymore. If we are only putting in $2000- is the interest return worth it? How much do we need in there to be a significant dividend?
  • Need to get up to $5000 within 12 months
  • Really need $1 million to fully fund operating expenses
  • Allows us to receive bequests and larger donations. Often people trust Foundations more. Means for supporting us for the long term. We can sell the idea of an endowment
  • Right now a CD would give us a better return
  • We have half of what we had last year
  • Is this really the time to start this endowment?
  • Rationale for the timing is strengthening our grant position, payroll deductions
  • $5,000 does not need to all come from us; can come from donors to endowment, too

Wait on sending in the check- need everyone in solid agreement and feeling good about this option and use of limited funds- need to know that it will grow in time without harm to our other objectives

Monique: Move to Adjourn

Eric: Second

All approve 8:20

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