JTEL Construction Update

This has been a big summer for the John Trigg Ester Library in terms of facilities development, with two key projects moving forward. While a lot has been accomplished there remains lots more to do.

New Passive House Facility Phase 1

Trost Construction has completed their work and the new 12,000 gallon underground storage tank is in place and protected, ready for the next phase of construction. It was completed ahead of schedule and on budget, with no change orders during construction.

Completed 12,000 gallon thermal storage tank.

Completed 12,000 gallon thermal storage tank showing the “tip of the iceberg” as it extends down about 10 feet deep below grade. Photo by Gary Pohl.

Proposals are now being requested for “dormant” hydro seeding of the disturbed areas. Dormant hydro seeding is done after freeze up, spraying a mixture of mulch and seed over the site. Grass will then sprout in the spring aided by snow melt. The seed mix will be a “no mow” type to provide a meadow appearance and stabilize the sloping site. Funding for the hydro seeding will be provided by the remaining grant monies which must be expended by December 31st.

Clausen Cabin

Work has been progressing at the Clausen Cabin, albeit slowly. The Monitor stove has been refurbished and reinstalled and there is now heat on in the cabin again, just in time! Installation of new insulation and furring is nearly complete on the exterior walls, and Bear Electric is upgrading electrical power and lighting circuits inside and out.

The next big step will be to install gypsum wall board on the exterior and interior walls after the electrical rough-in is complete. Approximately 20 sheets of 4 x 8 gypsum board will be needed to complete the interior wall finish.

Huge thanks to our volunteers: Eric Glos for getting the stove refurbished and reinstalling it at its new location; and Mike Musick and Gary Pohl for furring and insulation work. We will need several skilled and semi-skilled volunteers to help with the sheet rocking, taping and painting efforts. If you would like to help please call Gary Pohl at 388-8085 or e-mail him at facilities@esterlibrary.org to volunteer.

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