HB197 public comments postponed (again)

As of this writing, there is no further scheduled public comment on the bill.  HOWEVER, according to the Legislative Information Office, they encourage the public to write up their comments and send it to the sponsors of the bill.  Thus, the sponsors will 1) have the comments when they consider the bill, 2) you won’t have to wait hours by the phone, and 3) you can write longer than the 2 minutes allowed for public (verbal) comments. Additionally, those comments are attached to the bill and other members of the public can read them, too.

Here are the emails of the committee members:

Representative.Andy.Josephson@akleg.gov, Representative.Geran.Tarr@akleg.gov, Representative.Chris.Birch@akleg.gov,

Representative. Harriet.Drummond@akleg.gov,

Representative.Justin.Parish@akleg.gov, Representative.Delena.Johnson@akleg.gov,

Representative.George.Rauscher@akleg.gov, Representative.George.Talerico@akleg.gov

If you are so inclined, please write the representatives and voice your concern over the content of the bill. Remember, we are in favor of the intent of the bill, just not the specifics.  Please read the full post, below.


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