Friends of the Ester Library

At the 2014 Annual Membership Meeting, the library membership established the Friends of the Ester Library on a trial basis, and approved the following mission statement:

This organization exists to support the routine operations of the JTEL, in accord with policies set by the JTEL Board of Directors.

On November 7, 2016, the organization was re-defined to be a loose-knit array of people who care about our community library but have no direct association with its operation. The Friends take action when one is requested by the library’s board; this might involve raising funds for a specific, unusual purpose or undertaking an activity outside the usual realm of volunteer efforts. A facilitator serves as the point of contact between the Friends and the board; the present Friends facilitator is Carla Helfferich.

Please contact Carla Helfferich at 479-2774 or if you would like to join the Friends, or see our Facebook page (JTEL fans).

Support by year:



  • found volunteers for several library activities, especially the Seedy Saturdays
  • Publicity and printing support for the annual meeting


  • $440 donation toward financial review from Molly Rettig, Neil Davis and an anonymous donor.