Floor prep at the Clausen!

A HUGE amount of work was accomplished this weekend, starting with clearing and cleaning the main floor section, staining and varnishing the 2 interior doors (1 to the bathroom, and 1 to the office), hanging the kitchen cabinets and finally laying the underlayment in the kitchen section.  All of this was preparation for the final flooring to be installed, starting next weekend.

Special thanks to Mindy, Ginny and Parker Gallagher, and board members Gary Pohl, Marina Day, Eli Sonafrank, and Syrilyn Tong for all the labor this past weekend!

The kitchen area with underlayment in place

The kitchen area with cabinets reinstalled and the underlayment in place

clausen south

Looking south, towards the Fire Station. The main stacks area

Clausen north

Looking north, towards the Golden Eagle. The other half of the main stacks area

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