Collections and inventory – January 2017

This month catalog additions were down, but not because we didn’t have a lot of inventory! Your amateur librarian ran out of card pockets, so the new donations couldn’t be added to the collections. The board ordered 500 new ones (and at a great price), but they were shipped media mail, unfortunately, so they took three weeks to get here. However, it turned out that a lot of the old inventory already had cards and card pockets, but hadn’t yet been entered into the database. (I knew there were a few left on the shelves, but it turns out that there were a lot more than I thought!)

January topics included geography and travel, a few cookbooks, history, carpentry and home repair, art instructional guides, biographies, German, one mystery (Destroyer Angel, by Nevada Barr), a dictionary and calligraphy guide for Japanese (both Kanji and Kana), and a Field Guide to Airplanes of North America. The total number of books entered this month was 47, bringing the number of items in the online catalog to 7,602.

BlackjackOne of the biographies is a new donation (thank you!) and will go in our Alaska nonfiction section. By Jennifer Niven, Ada Blackjack: A True Story of Survival in the Arctic, draws on never-before published original diaries and other materials. It tells the story of the ill-fated five-person expedition to explore Wrangell Island in 1921. Ada Blackjack, a young Inuit woman, signed on as the group’s seamstress. Of the four men sent by Viljhalmur Stefansson to undertake this expedition, only two had been in the Arctic before. They were provisioned with only six months’ worth of supplies, believing, as did Stefansson, that they could stretch these for a year while living off the land. None of the men survived, but Blackjack did, returning to civilization after two years, and refusing to speak of it—except once.

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