Collections and inventory – February 2017

Painting Alaska, by Kesler Woodward.

Painting Alaska, by Kesler E. Woodward.

This month 80 titles were added to the library’s inventory, bringing our catalog total to 7,682 items. Most of these were oversize, how-to-draw books from the Walter T. Foster art series or books on Alaska, including many volumes from the Alaska Geographic Society (part of the Helfferich Family Collection). We did receive a smattering of other genres: a few mysteries, a cookbook, a science fiction novel (Solar Lottery by Philip K. Dick), a Boy Scout manual, historical fiction, and a couple of horror novels.

Painting Alaska,¬†an overview of art and artists in the state by Kesler E. Woodward, himself a well-known¬†Alaskan painter and teacher, was one of the Alaska Geographics we received and entered this month. It includes (aside from many photographs of the amazing breadth and quality of paintings and other artwork by Alaskans) biographies of and interviews with the many talented artists in the state. Woodward’s own painting of birches graces the front cover.

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