Clausen Cabin Update


The Clausen Cabin renovation has come a long way in just over a year of effort.

Work on the Clausen Cabin is moving forward to a point where JTEL is starting to plan for moving in shelving units and filling them with books. New vinyl plank flooring is down in the main area, new interior doors are installed, and trim work is now in process. The heavy wood cook stove was moved with the use of a pallet jack and now sits in the northwest corner. Portions of the original kitchen have been reinstalled and there is a “dry cabin” arrangement with a water jug and 5 gallon bucket under the sink.

Bear Electric completed their last remaining work items on February 15th. The cabin has been rewired to code, new track lights are installed over the stacks area, motion lights are located over both exterior doors, exit signs and emergency lighting have been installed, and there are now exterior outlets where there were none before.


New flooring is installed throughout the main area and trim work is now in progress. Conduits are being masked and primed for painting.


Special thanks to a great crew of volunteers who have been working the last two weeks to move to this point,  including: Mindy, Ginny and Parker Gallagher, Deirdre Helfferich, Mike Musick, Eli Sonafrank, and Gary Pohl. More volunteers will be needed when it actually becomes time to move in the shelving and books. Keep your eyes on this site for a call for volunteers and ultimately, an “open house” date.

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