Goals & Objectives

JTEL Organizational Goals & Objectives

first draft 4/17/11 JTEL board meeting; revised per 6/12/2011 JTEL board meeting; approved at the 7/13/2011 JTEL board meeting. Revised again 1/23/2014; approved at the 2/17/2014 board meeting.

broad goal: to enrich and strengthen the social, cultural, and economic life of the people of Ester.

specific goal: to construct a library building at 488 Village Road (the new building) that will provide a welcoming and intellectually stimulating environment where community members can meet, learn, and share ideas; and that will showcase Ester-area history and culture and provide resources that will encourage literacy and promote lifelong learning, thereby enriching the whole community.


1. to structure the JTEL organization to enable JTEL to achieve the library’s mission most effectively.

2. to construct a modern, environmentally sustainable and site-sensitive library building on the library’s land in Ester that will house the JTEL’s collections and provide a community learning and gathering space.

3. to modify the house and grounds at 3629 Main Street (the Clausen Cabin) as an interim space for the collections while the new building is under construction, and to provide a cozy and welcoming home for the Ruth Jasper Children’s Room and the seed library while maintaining respect for the Clausen Cabin’s historic value and character and honoring the longtime Ester residents who built it.

4. to celebrate and showcase Ester’s artistic diversity and innovation by incorporating local artwork on an ongoing basis into the building and on the library grounds beginning with finish work during building construction.

5. to celebrate and showcase Ester’s unique character and history through pertinent library materials and programs, lectures, in displays, and by incorporating historically important items into the building and on the library grounds.

6. to celebrate and showcase Ester’s musical, literary, and theatrical talent by maintaining a local music collection and a local authors section, by including music and performance in library fundraisers and other community events, and by featuring local performers in library programs, including poets, musicians, thespians, storytellers, and others.

7. to provide broadband internet access and state-of-the-art computing facilities for public use.

8. to transfer the library’s full collection to the new building, catalog the collections such that they are compatible with state and borough library systems, and enable the library to offer its collection to use by the public.

9. to expand or begin establishing educational, cultural, and community-building library programs and archives.

10. to encourage healthy lifestyles and an understanding of the natural world by using the grounds as a component of the educational purpose of the library.