Goals & Tasks: Library Construction and Operation

Progress So Far & Activities Planned for 2015–2020

(DRAFT: document under regular revision based on board and membership feedback) Latest update: 8.1.16. See also Grants Committee.

(See also revised JTEL Organizational Goals & Objectives.)

underlying goal: to enrich and strengthen the social, cultural, and economic life of the people of Ester


I. To structure the JTEL organization by spring 2011 to enable JTEL to achieve the library’s mission most effectively.

1. Organize as a state nonprofit (done)

2. Obtain recognition as a federal 501(c)(3) charitable organization (done)

3. Create a business plan (complete, updated annually) and operating procedures (in process)

4. Establish needed policies (in process)

5. Establish a long-term funding and support plan (in process)

  • Continue the three main fundraising events, focusing on their community-building aspects as well as fundraising (ongoing)
  • Create a capital campaign to solicit donations, grants, and to create an endowment (in process)
  • Apply for payroll deduction arrangements with the state, university, private, and federal employers, as appropriate
  • Apply for Pick.Click.Give. (done) and other Permanent Fund Dividend deduction donation plans

II. to construct a modern, environmentally sustainable and site-sensitive library building that will house the JTEL’s collections and provide a community learning and gathering space, to be completed by winter 2017-2020.

Preconstruction Phase

1. Aquire land (done)

2. Test soils (done)

3. Survey property (line survey done; clearing limits done; Phase 1 survey done; further work may be required)

4. Perform topographic survey of library site (done)

5. Design library (done)

6. Put in place needed policies for construction process

  • Create and adopt procurement policy (done)
  • Create and adopt accounting and business policies (in process)
  • Create/follow record keeping policies (done/ongoing)

7. Hire accountant/bookkeeper`

8. Obtain required insurance (in process)

9. Obtain appropriate permits (in process)

10. Obtain estimates and bids for construction

11. Solicit funding for project, $1.1 million (in process)

  • crowdsourcing campaigns: Indiegogo, Kickstarter, etc.
  • Designated Legislative Appropriation FY2012-2016 ($80,000, awarded & completed)
  • Designated Legislative Appropriation FY2011-2015 ($50,000, awarded & completed)
  • Community Revenue Sharing (accepted, ongoing)
  • FNSB ($35,000, awarded & completed)
  • Apply for construction grants: Kresge Foundation, M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, National Endowment for the Humanities Challenge Grants, Paul Allen Foundation, State of Alaska, Rasmuson Foundation, USDA Rural Development Community Facilities Grant, etc.

12. Solicit contractor(s) and bids

  • Prepare requests for bid on various aspects of the building (value engineering) so as to obtain the best overall price and to use as much local labor as possible

Construction Phase

1. Prepare site

  • Clear trees, shrubs, etc., set aside firewood for future use, (done) grub site (done)
  • Construct driveway, parking area
  • Excavate building and associated systems (water, septic, fuel) sites

2. Install power pole (done)

3. Construct building

  • Build thermal storage tank (Phase 1 of new building: done)
  • Build foundation (part of Phase 2)
  • Build masonry heater (part of Phase 3; rough estimate obtained, $24,000)
  • Construct shell, floors, etc. (Phase 2)
  • Install internal systems: plumbing, mechanical systems, wiring, lighting, computing systems (Phase 3)

4. Install external systems: septic and water systems, etc.

5. Install library fixtures and furniture

6. Landscape grounds (Phase 1 landscaping done, dormant hydroseeding in process)

7. Document progress and report to grantors and appropriate agencies (ongoing)

  • Community Revenue Sharing Funding: begun FY2011, used only for power pole, reporting ongoing on use for Clausen Cabin, etc.
  • DLA 11-DC-533: grant completed, all reports filed 
  • DLA 12-DC-596: grant completed, all reports filed
  • FNSB Public Purpose Award: grant completed, all reports filed

Post-construction Phase

III. to transfer the library’s full collection to the new building, catalog the collections such that they are compatible with state and borough library systems, and enable the library to offer its collection to use by the public by summer 2020.

1. Solicit volunteers or hire people to move collections from storage and the old library to the new building.

2. Hire a part-time librarian and/or find dedicated volunteers.

  • Obtain funding to support the position.

3. Catalog collections and shelve.

  • Solicit trained librarians to assist with the cataloging (ongoing).
  • Train JTEL board or volunteers in cataloging to assist the librarian(s)(ongoing).

4. Export in-house catalog to online catalog (ongoing).

5. Commission and install library shelf dedication nameplates and supporter recognition plaques.

6. Hold grand opening and dedication.

IV. To establish or expand educational, cultural, and community-building library programs and archives by 2020.

1. Establish inter-library loan programs with Calypso Farm & Ecology Center’s Resource Center Library, the Noel Wien Library, the Rasmuson Library, the Keith Mather Library, and the state library system.

2. Establish a program to incorporate local artwork into the building and grounds on an ongoing basis.

  • Create art procurement and jurying guidelines
  • Determine potential spaces for permanent art installations
  • Establish compensation policy for artists
  • Obtain funds for compensation to artists and art program

3. Continue and expand library lecture series. (series initiated in 2009)

4. Establish a community garden on the library grounds (perhaps in cooperation with Calypso Farm & Ecology Center).

5. Establish a summer music/performance program at the gazebo.

6. Establish a children’s story time or storytelling program.

7. Establish an after-school study, literacy, and mentoring program (perhaps in cooperation with the Literacy Council of Alaska, trade unions, UAF, or other organizations).

8. Establish a music collection and archive.

9. Establish an Ester history archive.

10. Establish an Ester oral history archive.