Grants Committee

The activities of the Grants Committee are documented in the Grants Category.

The committee was formed after the October 2015 Annual Membership Meeting by the JTEL Board of Directors. It is charged with proper management of all grants under which the JTEL is in contract, applying for additional grants as needed, working closely with the Finance Committee to conduct these tasks, and keeping the board informed.

The library has two minor grants at present:

Previous grants (completed):

  • FY2016 Community Revenue sharing grant: $6,433
  • FY2015 Community Revenue sharing grant: $6,734
  • FY2014 Community Revenue sharing grant: $6,734
  • FY2013 Community Revenue sharing grant: $9,533
  • FY2012 Community Revenue sharing grant: $8,977
  • FY2012 (matching grant through the Fairbanks North Star Borough): $35,000
  • FY2012 DLA #12-DC-596 (Alaska State Legislative Award): $80,000
  • FY2011 DLA #11-DC-533 (Alaska State Legislative Award): $50,000

Members of the committee:

  • Gary Pohl (chair)
  • Barb O’Donnell (member)
  • Marina Day (member)
  • Syrilyn Tong (member)

Proposals to the board:

  • Letter of Agreement presented and accepted October 12, 2016
  • Request for Proposal sent by invitation September 27 to landscaping companies for hydroseeding, proposal deadline October 3, 2016
  • Certificate of Substantial Completion of Phase 1 signed September 29
  • Trost Construction selected as winning bidder on Phase 1, construction to begin in July
  • Advertisement May 1, May 4, May 8 of invitation to bid on Phase 1 (legal ad #34725), proposed via e-mail to officers and accepted last week of April. Cost: $611.15, to be billed.
  • State paperwork signers, capital project extensions, Phase 1 progress, GrantStation, and Clausen Cabin design concepts, presented and accepted 4-6-2016
  • Phase 2 Project proposal: Building Shell (line-item estimate) $429,300
  • Phase 1 Line-item budget target, presented and accepted 1-19-2016
  • Schedule: Spring bid, summer construction for Phase 1, presented and accepted 1-19-2016
  • Professional services requirement, presented and accepted 1-19-2016
  • Phased construction, presented and accepted 12-15-2015
  • Dedicated (capital campaign) funds to separate linked account, with grants manager having signing authority, presented and accepted 12-15-2015
  • Extension to be sought on FNSB award and DLA grant for another six months, presented and accepted 12-15-2015

Reports to the membership:

Meetings and agendas to date: