Originally a standing committee, Fundraising is an ad hoc group that oversees the work of fundraising in areas not including grants, such as donation drives, community fundraising events, item sales, and so forth. It raises funds for all areas of library activity: the capital campaign, the endowment, operations, programs, etc.—any area where funding is needed. Committee members include all directors and library members who wish to assist. It meets as needed. 

The American Library Association provides regularly updated information on fundraising for libraries. Below are examples of events and groups the JTEL has used to market the library or raise funds.

  • Events: community fundraisers (Tape & Tarp, LiBerry Music Festival, Readers on the Run, etc.)
  • “The Kitchen Sink” (for those items that don’t quite fit other categories: bookshelf dedications, item sales, Pick.Click.Give., etc.)
  • Program fundraisers, etc. put on by the Friends of the Ester Library

The Fundraising Committee completed a community survey in 2011, asking questions on libraries, funding the Ester library operations, library programs, the building design, and more to determine the best way to develop the John Trigg Ester Library. As a result of the feedback given, some changes were made to the design of the Passive House building.

The committee oversees fundraising for the library, for both long and short term sustainability of the library’s operationprograms, and building construction and maintenance.

The Ester library’s fundraising encompasses the following means of raising monies:

The capital campaign, begun 2009, is specifically aimed at raising funds to construct a building at 488 Village Road to house the Passive House library, Phase 1 of which was completed fall 2016. (Please see our capital campaign page for donation details.) The Clausen Cabin, donated to us in 2013, also has small capital projects ongoing related to its remodeling, improvements, and maintenance; these funds are taken from the general fund and our Community Revenue Sharing Fund grants. To donate, please send a check to JTEL, PO Box 468, Ester AK 99725.

The endowment drive, scheduled to launch once the building is complete, is aimed at developing a $1 million fund to support the operations of the library. We have a nascent endowment already, which is managed by the Alaska Community Foundation; to donate, please see their online form.

The membership drive, begun 2011, is both a fundraising and membership expansion campaign, aimed at increasing the involvement of the Ester community with the library.

Other fundraising helps maintain the current library and fund the library lecture series and GEB program.