Finance Committee

Finance Committee

The activities of the Finance Committee are documented in the Finance Category.

Finance was created by the board of directors in November 2012. It is tasked with creating and maintaining accounting policy and procedures for the library.  It also maintains the library’s financial records and prepares reports to the membership as well as regulatory and funding agencies. The committee recently reviewed the JTEL’s records in an internal audit.

Current members (as of November 2016) include:

  • Mindy Gallagher  (Treasurer, Committee Chair)
  • Monique Musick
  • Syrilyn Tong

Annual and Business Plans:



  • JTEL Annual Report 2016 (Download)
  • JTEL Annual Report 2015 (Download)
  • JTEL Annual Report 2014 (Download)
  • JTEL Annual Report 2013 (Download)
  • JTEL Annual Report 2012 (Download)
  • JTEL Annual Report 2011 (Download)
  • JTEL Annual Report 2010 (Download)