The Construction Committee is now an ad-hoc committee of the Facilities committees.

Clausen Cabin

The Facilities Committee is focusing on the Clausen Cabin needs, using Community Revenue Sharing funds to supplement small capital projects on the cabin. Insulating, sheet rocking, rewiring, and more are involved in this major remodeling project.

New Ester Community Library

The Grants Committee will establish a timeline and budget for the design and construction of the library and its grounds, and oversee the process of creating our new library. USKH, Inc. (Stantec) was the firm that designed our building, with Gary Pohl and Matthew Prouty heading the project. Thorsten Chlupp of REINA Alaska was a consultant on the design. (See his lectures on solar thermal on Youtube, studies with CCHRC, or ArcticSun LLC for more information.)

See also Phase 1: Thermal Storage Tank.

Current Members

  • Mike Musick, former CCHRC employee, LEEDs certified builder
  • Gary Pohl, architect
  • Eli Sonafrank, builder

Documents & Resources

Construction Posts

Construction History & Timelines

Below are timelines illustrating fundraising and planning for the design and construction of the new library, beginning with the most recent (2012-2017) first.

JTEL building timeline2





JTEL building timeline
Timelines by Individual Year