Facilities Committee

Facilities Committee

Created in November 2015 by the board of directors, the activities of the Facilities Committee are documented in the Facilities Category. It is tasked with maintenance, repair, and improvement of the structures, facilities, collections, and grounds of the library. Its major focus for 2016 has been remodeling and upgrading the Clausen Cabin.

Grounds and gardens are under its auspices, and the seed library program and Garden Group work with it to ensure that the historic gardens and heirloom seed collections of the Clausen Cabin are kept viable.

Current members include:

  • Gary Pohl (chair)
  • Mike Musick

Recent volunteers include Scott Allen, Chris Campbell, Melinda Gallagher, Virginia Gallagher, Eric Glos, Josh Harris, Deirdre Helfferich, Hans Mölders, Pat Mowry, Mike Musick, Monique Musick, Gary Pohl, Ruth Rutherford, Greg Selid, Eli Sonafrank, Jasmine Stokes, and Syrilyn Tong. Thank you!

Facilities updates in chronological order (complete listing, including Collections, Construction, Facilities, and Grounds):