Which committee are you looking for?

Standing committees:

Facilities Committee
Created by the board of directors in November 2015, the Facilities Committee is dedicated to the maintenance, repair, and all-around improvement of the facilities and structures of the library. Grounds and gardens are under its auspices, and the Seed Library Program and Garden Committee work with it to preserve the historic gardens at Ansgar and Ida Clausen’s cabin.

Finance Committee
Created by the board of directors in November 2012, the Finance Committee is dedicated to creating accounting procedures for the JTEL. From clarifying Quickbooks procedures to establishing cash management policies, we need to make sure that JTEL is following GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) and is audit ready. If you have an accounting or business management background and would like to offer assistance in the development of financial policies please contact the committee.

Grants Committee
The Grants Committee was once a subcommittee of the Fundraising Committee, but was turned into a full standing committee in its own right in November 2015 by the board of directors. This committee oversees and manages all grant contracts into which the JTEL enters, seeks out and applies for further grants as needed, and works with the Finance and Executive committees. Types of grants include endowment, operations and capital grants. If you have a background in grant management or grantwriting and would like to help the library, please contact the Gary Pohl, committee chair.

Volunteers/Memberships Committee

Established in November 2016 by the board of directors, the Volunteers/Memberships committee is tasked with member development, outreach and volunteer coordination.  This committee maintains member and volunteer lists and contact information, and coordinates with other committees when volunteers are needed for events.

Ad Hoc Committees:

These are the committees that are appointed by the board for special or temporary purposes. They are usually associated with or are subcommittees of the Standing Committees, or with special events, such as fundraisers. These groups or committees may meet only once or twice a year, or only when assigned special duties by the board or their oversight Standing Committee. Among them are: