11th Annual LiBerry a Success!!

Pies at Clausen

Pies at the Clausen Cabin

Pie at clausen

Pies waiting for the judges’ decision

With a ton of new changes in the works, the 11th annual LiBerry Pie Throwdown and Music Festival took place last Saturday, September 23 at the Golden Eagle Saloon.  In actuality, the pie contest started at 2, at the Clausen Cabin, where 17  pies were entered, and later judged.  Shortly thereafter, the Parade of Pies saw most of the pies (except for the winners) marched across the street to the Eagle for consumption by hungry patrons.

UnSupervised at LiBerry

Pete and Cindy Hickman, and Dave Wilson of UnSupervised

In the meantime, UnSupervised took to the stage, belting out raucous rock and roll, followed by the auction of the winners of the pies from each of the two categories, sweet and savory. The savory winners were:

  1. Happy Harvest, by Liz and Sarah Furman
  2. Layered cold chili cheesecake, by Amy Cameron
  3. South African Bobotie by Arctic Brewsters (Nickol and Lee)

The sweet winners were:

  1. Tomatillo tomato pie by Deirdre Helferrich
  2. Cranberry curd ginger pie, also by Deirdre Helferrich
Eating pie at LiBerry1

Eating pie!

Eating pie at LiBerry2

Me, too!

All told, the 5 winning pies were auctioned off for $1500, with the Happy Harvest pie being bought for $650!



the Mighty untouchables

Larry “Raindog” Raines, Patrick and Rif Rafson of the Mighty Untouchables

Finally, at the conclusion of the auction, The Mighty Untouchables took to the stage for their brand of bluesy covers.  It was a great evening, and special thanks goes out to the following people, in no particular order:

Pie Makers: Josh Harris, Deborah Koons, Nancy Hasle, Barb O’Donnell, Theresa Grave, Lisa Crockett, Kristin O’Brien, Deirdre Helfferich, Nickol and Leah of the Arctic Brewsters, Amy Cameron, Diandra Amsden, Amy Pohl, Liz and Sarah Furman, Casey Bradshaw-Hickman and Carla Helfferich.

Two-time winner, Deirdre Helfferich

Two-time winner, Deirdre Helfferich

Volunteer judges and workers: Kay Sisson, Sheri Schleiter, Stanley Rogers, Meagan Scheer, Ruth Rutherford and all the board members.

A special, special thanks for UnSupervised (Pete and Cindy Hickman, Dave Wilson and Courtney Kimball), and especially Cindy Hickman for her public singing debut, and The Mighty Untouchables (Larry “Raindog” Raines, Rif Rafson and Patrick), for providing the tunes and entertainment for this year’s event, and of course the owner and staff of the Golden Eagle.

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